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Beauty pageant - Girl Game
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You are entering a Beauty pageant, a beauty pageant or beauty contest is a competition that mainly focuses on the physical beauty of its contestants, but also other talents are important. But you are her to become a beauty Queen and to look like a princess on stage. You want to win and therefore you need to look like a fashion icon. Focus on makeup, hair and clothing, be the star of the pageant. You entered the beauty pageant for one reason and that is to show you need to win!

This is an opportunity to showcase your beauty and talents. While pageantry has different rules from high fashion modelling in relation to the walk, poses and photography, being a contestant in a pageant can be a stepping stone into the world of modelling.

To help you out to win, you asked the help from a fashion stylist, she is her to help you out with planning and coordinating the fashion outfits. As a beauty pageant contestant you are a client with a high profile. And therefore your fashion stylist is a professional that helps you chose, purchase and takes care of you so you wear the latest styles.

This free dress up makeover game for girls has eight make up categories to choose from, every girl game categories has different fashion styles.
★ Hairstyles – This season, be adventurous with your hairstyles and try something that you’ve never tried before, because after all—it’s just hair.
★ Contact lenses – How cool is this, you can match your eye colour with your own pageant dress, with the right colour you will stand out even more.
★ False Eyelashes for pageant Girls - Fake eyelashes are fun, but can be a mess. Believe it or not, they’re a lot easier to use than you think! All you need are the false eyelashes, small scissors, glue, tweezers, and a bit of patience.
★Pageant eyebrows - In pageantry, precision is key if you want to win the crown. And the higher level you are competing the more precise you have to be. Having precise eyebrows is more than just getting a fresh eyebrow wax; it is about emphasizing the shape of your brows and perfecting them with the rest of the makeup on your face
★ Eye shadow - Eye makeup can define how natural or dramatic your look is. Whether you want to learn a process you can use every day or look stunning for a special occasion, here''s how to get it right.
★Blush - Blush helps to make your beautiful face glow and look alive. Application is fairly straightforward but it''s important to get it right to avoid overdoing the look.
★ Lipstick - You''ve seen all the stars wear it, from Gwen Stefani to Katy Perry. We''re talking about the perfect red lip that doesn''t fede and looks perfectly polished. When applying such a bold color, it''s very easy to make mistakes.
★Foundation – Picking the perfect pageant foundation is so very important when it comes to ending up with a flawless pageant-day look.

it’s time to perform the dress up on our fashion icon. Girls love to dress up, so let’s see your dress up skills in this free fashion dress up!

★Pageant dress - When picking out beauty-pageant dresses, find a flattering color and cut that will stand out from the other.
★Earrings – Jewellery enhances and finishes the pageant look. So your earrings need to be impeccable.
★Necklaces – Necklaces are especially tricky to know when to wear and when to avoid. A rule of thumb is to not wear them on stage
★Crows – try on a crown, pick out a fabulous crown for your pageant beauty.
★ Shoes – The right shoes also finish the image the contestant is creating for the judges. Pick something with an elegant body line!

Choose a background in this fun girl game and you’re done! We hope you will enjoy our free fashion girl game, and we hope you give us the love by likening our Facebook page or follow us on twitter. So we can keep you up to date on our fashion games, girl games and more!

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