Fitness Check-up

Fitness Check-up
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(650 total ratings on Google Play)


Are you in shape?

Fitness Check Up is the app you need to do a fun and enjoyable check-up!

The Fitness Checkup application helps you assess your physical shape using 11 health tests: Flexibility, Balance, Body Core, Strength, Capacity for effort, Muscle Tone, Explosiveness, Pulse at rest, Body mass index, Body fat index and Reaction speed.

With the free application, you have access to the first 6 tests. If you follow your progress regularly using the app, the 5 other tests will become available to you for free!!

With these 11 tests, your health score can be restored. It comes with advice and exercises to improve your health to where it should be!

This is a preventive health approach, so check your health parameters regularly and do our exercises to improve your physical shape. Earn rewards and share with your friends.

Characteristics of the Fitness Checkup application:

- 6 + 5 simple and useful health tests (flexibility, balance, abs)
- Clear images and concise explanations to help you do the tests
- Personalized advice to help you obtain your health assessment
- Exercises to improve your physical shape
- Records of your results to help you follow your progress everyday
- Overview Fitness Checkup to know your health score
- Health rewards to motivate you and help you progress
- Webcam pulse measurement for the Cardio and Effort tests!
- Share your scores and rewards
- Manage your health profile

The Cardio and Effort tests of the Fitness Checkup application measure your heart rate thanks to an innovative process using your Smartphone camera as a heart rate monitor! For these 2 tests, you will see your real-time heart rhythm displayed! The application works with telephones possessing a flash.

We keep improving our applications all the time. Do not hesitate to contact us! Your opinions interest us.

Wake it Up, Shake it Up !

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