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(2700 total ratings on Google Play)


Be a pet collector and catch pets in cards and battle with them!
Battle pets to the next level so you can customize their fighting moves!
Build your own pet wildlife reserve and fully customize it with endless decorations!

★ FREE addictive pet collection game!
★ Catch and tame over 70 different types of wondrous pets!
★ Unique and inventive pet capture system.
★ Battle pets that are tamed and level them up with simple but engaging pet battle system.
★ Rid the lands of the destructive force that is ‘Rathroot’ by fighting possessed monsters.
★ Customize the environment to your hearts content!
★ See the world of Hakawa come into life with beautiful biomes and decorations.
★ Engage with our friendly Facebook community to shape the development of the game.
★ Player feedback driven game development. Please help us to be best online battle pet game on web!

Useful game tips:
- You can catch different pets from different terrains.
- To catch higher level pets, use more expensive baits on traps.
- Put pets into healing huts when they get injured from battle.
- Battle pets with higher rarity to receive battle experience bonus.
- Paper pet move is stronger against rock, rock against scissors and scissors against paper.
- Pets learn new moves as they level up from battles.
- You can switch pet moves.
- Weak pet battle moves do less damage in battle, but uses less stamina letting your pet fight longer.
- Sell unwanted pets and items for extra gold coins.
- Collect gold coins every 30 minutes, and free capture cards every 2 hours.
- Fight your way through hives to cleanse them from corrupted monsters.
- To collect all pets in the game, you must put traps near cleansed hives!
- Collect all ultra rare version of Terrapets by checking your progress from Special filter in Terrapedia page!
- More world events to come! Follow us on our Facebook page to not miss them and please give us your valuable feedbacks.

Background Story:
The once lush and beautiful world of Hakawa is now little more than a barren wasteland. You are in charge of a special wildlife reserve where you have the important task of revitalizing the land and building a vibrant habitat for Terrapets; mysterious creatures who are the embodiment of the environments that they inhabit. Terrapets from the swamplands are sneaky and vitriolic, while those from the woodlands are steadfast and strong. If the environment is harsh and unforgiving then so too are the Terrapets that live there.

There was a time when Terrapets were numerous, but not anymore. You have the power within your hands to return the world to what it once was. You can revitalise Hakawa with a range of different terrain types and customize the environment as you see fit. From frozen tundra and volcanic mountains to thick forests and vast oceans, you have many different options for creating an enticing reservation for all the different Terrapets.

Terrapets is developed and maintained by CerebralFix, LLC, an international game development studio bringing the cheeky Kiwi spirit from New Zealand into social mobile gaming. Find out more about us at CerebralFix.com.

Like our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Terrapets

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