Kids Math Count Numbers Game

Kids Math Count Numbers Game
(4000 total ratings on Google Play)
Chifro Studios / Education
Downloads: 500k
(4000 total ratings on Google Play)


This app has crossed 900,000 downloads in very short span of time.

Chifro ''Kids Math Count Numbers Game'' is fun and intuitive game for babies, toddlers, kids and children. Its features are -

1.  A child-oriented application having math game for grades (lkg, ukg, grade 1, grade 2)
2.  Its an interactive application with six activities:

    a. Learning counting number 1 to 10.
    b. Writing and spell numbers
    c. Identifying greater numbers and smaller numbers
    d. Find missing numbers and arrange numbers in ascending and descending order.
    e. Learning number names
    f. Connecting dots to form a picture with a sub-activity to solve puzzle.

3.   Available as a free download
4.   An interactive interface

''Kids Math Count Numbers Game is one of the extremely useful, free educational games for kids because the activity of counting numbers has been presented in an innovative manner for kids apart from being free on the Android platform. This application connects the dots for kids to form their world of knowledge when it comes to counting numbers.

This application does well as a missing-number game for kids also apart from serving as a useful aid for learning counting. It has the potential of being one of the most useful games for math for kids.

Amidst the different number games, this fantastic math problem solver explains all those confusing sums that children face while learning mathematics. Some examples of these types of sums include:

    • Greater than and lesser than sums
    • Counting sums

If you are looking for a math app for free downloading then this math game app is the ideal children math game choice. Available for free at Google Play Store, this application will serve as effective brain-refreshers for your child.

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