3D Drag Race

3D Drag Race
(15.655k total ratings on Google Play)
Empire Games / Racing
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(15.655k total ratings on Google Play)


Welcome to 3D Drag Race!
Join an adrenaline filles drag race in full 3d mode, with impressive graphics and state-of-the art cars that will help you win any race on any terrain.
To sum it up, here''s some key features of this awesome game, ready for you to enjoy them all:

★ 50+ cars to own and race
★ upgrade and customize your drag racer
★ progress through 10 levels and defeat boss cars
★ 3D graphics and visual effects
★ free to play

Rediscover the joy of drag racing in eye-candy 3D graphics and get behind the wheel of today''s hottest cars and supercars. 3D Drag Race will test your driving skills to the max: balance your throttle before the light goes green, shift at the perfect time to get the maximum boost and wisely use your NOS to gain an edge against faster cars. And don''t forget about upgrades. Will you favor a more powerful engine and bigger turbo or will you invest your cash in better launch electronics? Each drag racing car can be upgraded with 30+ different upgrades to allow you to win against much stronger opponents.

There are over 50 cars to choose from, divided into 10 car categories. Start off with some hot hatches, defeat the level boss and progress to sportier cars. You''ll get the chance to race all sorts of drag racing gars, from American muscle cars to rally cars, from hot grand turismos to the world''s best sports cars. Of course, what would a drag racing game be without a full range of supercars and hypercars. Work your way up from rookie cars and earn more cash to buy other cool cars and super sleek rides. When a few hundred horsepower is not enough you can satisfy your need for speed with supercars that speed up in seconds. Go further and become an even faster drag racer with unique models or with a state-of-the-art luxury racer. The last few levels of 3D Drag Race are reserved to the truly exotic cars. Duke it out between eternal rival cars and royalty ones and pick your favorite.

With ten different levels and fancy boss cars to defend, you will not only have an adventure on wheels, but you will also have the opportunity to sharpen up your driving skills and reach the professional level.

As you progress through our free drag racing game you will learn to balance your cash and Fame Points. You can earn cash by winning against opponents and also by performing well during races that you lost, by scoring perfect shifts or a perfect launch. Fame Points are rare and valuable - you will use them to reach the highest upgrade levels and also to purchase new cars. 3D Drag Race gives you the freedom to progress through career mode as you see fit: take your favorite drag racing car and upgrade it to the max or change your car each level. Increase a car''s default performance with upgrades and see how it fares against cars from superior levels.

"3D Drag Race" is a free game - enjoy it and please share it with your friends if you like it. We are constantly trying to improve the game and add new features, cars and upgrades to it. Your feedback is always welcome!

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