3D Test Drive

3D Test Drive
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(1100 total ratings on Google Play)


You, lucky dog! You''re the fortunate “virtual” owner of a drop-dead gorgeous, sleek red convertible car... at least in this virtual 3D car games'' world! Ready to show it off and win a lot of admiration and much more envy on the... virtual highway? Well, you should know, before you take your four wheeled beauty for a thrilling test drive, that in order to leave all the other drivers mouth-opened, a jaw-dropping super car is not enough if it''s not upgraded by some... amazing driving skills, too. So, jump in behind the wheel getting the 3D test drive game started on your Android!

Do I sense a big, big 3D car racing games fan? Then you''re the perfect “judge” to appreciate this game''s highly realistic graphics, the highly authentic atmosphere that our team of designers have tried to recreate and nonetheless the super engaging game-play that you get to enjoy once you find yourself on the virtual highway and you start speeding down like a madman. Don''t rush in to burn some rubber, though, until you haven''t read the game''s tutorial. It will let you know all about the main upgrades available for you:

Top Speed

Also, unlike in many other 3D car racing games, each level divides into several level-specific tests to pass in order to win your chance to get to the next level and, of obviously, in order to gain your precious car upgrades! The first level, for instance, challenges your reaction times to the maximum, on one hand, and your driving super skills on the other hand. The “careful driver” mode dares you to push the pedal and, while reaching intense speed, to avoid all kinds of obstacles such as tires scattered along the highway precisely to slow you down and steal the future “king of the highway” title away from you. The “less seconds” mode will challenge you to collect all the clock-shaped bonuses off the highway, which will each reduce 5 seconds from you time and... the less time you need for completing the 3D driving test, the better, right?

3D Test Drive game means 4 levels packed with adrenaline, 4 levels overloaded with amazing 3D graphics, 4 levels filled with fast-paced, catchy game-play and driving skills-demanding tests to pass... all available now for your Android phone!

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