Time Travel Heroes

Time Travel Heroes
(2100 total ratings on Google Play)
RenRen Games / Casual
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(2100 total ratings on Google Play)


★ ★ ★ Time Travel Heroes ★ ★ ★
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★★★★★ No.1 Time Travel Theme Game★★★★★
★★★★ ★Cross-Platform MMO Game ★★★★★
Press Review:
※Not only about the classic Three Kingdoms, but also fancy for its time-travel theme.
※It’s an ideal choice for the fans of RPG. If you want to test your strategy ability, then come to play Time Travel Heroes.
Brief Introduction:
In this game, Qin Shihuang got an ancient treasure, and he twisted time and space and brought the historical heroes into the era of Three Kingdoms in order to collect their souls. Also the player will travel by time to that world, with a mission to help the historical heroes fight against the evil power. But to save the world, the player needs to recruit strong heroes and enhance capacity. Are you ready to be the Savior? Do you want to show your military talent? We are waiting for you!
★ Key Features ★
✓Synthesize cool equipment. After using a set of equipment for a period of time, maybe you will feel them boring, right? Now you can synthesize more powerful and fancy equipment when you reached the levels and finish the quests required! I’m sure you cannot stop your curiosity about the upcoming equipment!
✓Choose the character of the profession you like; different professions, different skills. Also heroes of different professions are to be recruited.
✓Collect Destiny cards to enhance capacity significantly. Also the destinies can be synthesized or exchanged for a higher level.
✓Kinds of exciting quests to be finished. You will receive different kinds of quests with different rewards—Main Quests and Branch Quests for Exp, Copper, Practice, and equipment; Daily Quests for Practice, and Biographies for Exp, Copper, Practice, and equipment Blue Prints! ✓Play with other online players in some special events. No matter you know the other side or not, you can make friends with other players and help each other finish quests!
✓Gorgeous graphics make you experience the real numerous battle fields.
✓Clear interfaces, simple controls, and low difficulty will help you progress fast.
✓Real-time chat with real players from all over the world.
... Much more waiting for you to discover!
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Visit our official website: http://en.huayugame.com/tth/
Interact via our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TTHeroes
Please Note: This is an online game.

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