Adventure. Hidden objects

Adventure. Hidden objects
(2300 total ratings on Google Play)
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(2300 total ratings on Google Play)


This is a free game in it, you will plunge into a fascinating journey through the mysterious places.
You have to look for hidden objects on the mystical level.
This game is suitable for all ages and it is easy to take your free time, for example, on the road or waiting in line to buy.
The assistant will teach you the basics of the game, although everything is very simple: look for items that get prizes, open new levels and new mysteries.

Tags: Hidden Object, the best match of the game, find the item, a lot of levels, puzzles, music, beautiful pictures.

Drag the image with the finger to explore the location.
You have to find five objects hidden in the picture, and then you get a prize.
Next to each level has a number of icons to the right of prizes for the opening of this level.
Prizes are available for the passage of certain locations in the game.
For each level will be given to one of the fifteen different prizes.
If you are missing any prizes just unravel once again the level of which is given the desired item.
If the item is very difficult to find, use the hint button.
After using the hint button need some time to restore it, so use it wisely.
To increase the image, use the zoom button - "zoom x2" or gesture increase.

If you are tired of searching objects, you can play puzzles, for this you need only select the appropriate icon in the game menu.

PS / If the game for some reason does not start, try to release more space on the system drive, or to buy phone / tablet for better :-)

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