Unicorn care - Kids game

Unicorn care - Kids game
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(480 total ratings on Google Play)


Hi Kids ! This is newest little pony app from the kids unicorn free games .
Our playfull naughty little unicorn had a wonderfully day by playing in the mud and turned up home. In this game is your task to clean up our little unicorn neat and tidy. Make sure to complete the level within the time limit .

The unicorn game has a super cute playfully naughty little pony . She plays too excited in the meadow and became quite dirty through the mud. Take her to the stable, so you can clean her. Then its time for food, play and dressup. Start fast with this all free pony games !

Unicorn cleaning time ~
♞ First remove the mud
♞ crab than her hooves
♞ brush her ​​teeth
♞ was her mane and tail with shampoo
♞ spray her with water
♞ lather her fur with shampoo
♞ Spray her with water
♞ Dry her with a tower and dryer
♞ Cut her mane and tail
♞ brush her ​​mane and tail
♞ Give her an injection

Unicorn food time ~
In this pony game you can usefull give her food, try to give her as soon as possible the food what she want.
♞ Roots
♞ Lettuce
♞ Grass
♞ Water

Unicorn play time ~
Take your pony along to ponyland and let her enjoy!
♞ The Train
♞ The Store
♞ The seewsaw
♞ The Swing and much more .

Unicorn Dress Up ~
In this little pony dress up game part you can give your little pony a makeover. Enjoy Dressup !
♞ Choose from four different colors for the mane and tail
♞ Choose from 6 different horns
♞ Choose from 6 different tattoos
♞ Choose from 10 different saddles and bridles
♞ Choose from 6 different ankle straps

Download now this newest game from Kids unicorn free games .
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