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escape games -Joy 76
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dream cave escape games

This game brought to you by joy arrows the "dreams cave escape."

Now everybody listen carefully we are in dreams cave. In this mysterious cave can see only by dreams. This cave was formed under the heavy sparkle volcano surrounded by the terror grass bushes. We will escape from there soon because the lava is starts to come towards us. So start to find the interior puzzles placed here and there objects in the dreams cave. Find within a wake-up. Face the disturbances by using your skills. Take advance way of puzzle finding given below.

Good luck sweet dreams.
Creates dreamy and creamy fun for you


Dreamy way for you:

Click the broken wooden box placed left corner and take one coin from there.
Take the thread hank from the wooden Vessel.
See the number of borders present in the shapes clue mentioned on the rock behind the wooden vessel.
Put that number of borders of each shape as the passwords to put into the password counter placed on the hill layer under the green bush. Get key from there.
Put the key for unlock the wooden box drawer kept near the pond. get lighter from there.
Click other side of the cave and burn the candle using lighter placed some internally near by the cave steps.
And take the burning candle from there and show the brightness of candle into the internal small hollow rock placed behind the pond. Take the magnet from there.
Click the thread hank and tie-up the magnet using thread hank on the screen.
Put the magnet into the pond using thread near by the water falling pipe. Get one coin from there.
Take the stone from in front of the pond and load it on the weight gauge. Take the reading as the code for wooden drum. Get handle from there.
Fix the handle in the top wheel of the weight lifting machine for getting another coin.
Rotate the puzzle board as per colors and borders matching. It gives one fish hook.
Take the fish in the pond using hook.
And give the fish to the tortoise scab. It gives one coin.
Take the coin from the chain hanging on the grass near by the cave steps.
Finally insert the five coins into the coin box. it gives the color code card.
Use the appropriate colors on the color counter placed above the step door.
The cave steps opens automatically then escape from there.


Created using dreams technology.
Point, click, drag, and drop only use for puzzle solving.
No chance to see this game before.
Ultimate enthusiastic two parts of the cave.
Play even more inductive game.
Free of cost.

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