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Pocket Lab
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UAB Applava / Puzzle
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(1200 total ratings on Google Play)


Have you ever wondered, what is happening around us in micro world? Have you ever tried to look through the microscope to explore bacteria world? If not – Pocket Lab is for you!

As soon as you start playing Pocket Lab you get addicted in a positive way. Connect bacteria gems of the same color and simply splash them. The longer combination of joint bacteria you make, the more points you get. Compare your score with other players in all over the world. Score points, complete levels, play endless mode for more action.

- Convenient playing sessions: play short sessions or long if you have more time.
- 42 different levels
- Easy, medium, hard endless modes
- Global highscore table
- Easy touch controls

Use your finger to connect bacteria, gems. Tap on the bacteria and without releasing your finger slide connection to the other of the same color. Then these two bacteria will be connected. Try to connect as many bacteria as possible. Longer combination lets you score more points.
If you want bacteria to change moving directed, tap on the background near it and it will be pushed that direction with momentum.

There are 2 different modes. Level mode and endless mode.

- The aim of level mode is to score points needed to get maximum three stars in particular level. There are 42 different levels. Levels can be unlocked only if you collect enough stars in the previous ones.

-The aim of endless mode is to splash bacteria gems and score points while indicator bar at the top is not empty. To fill up the bar try to connect and splash as many bacteria as you can quickly. The longer you play, the faster fill in indicator bar reduces.

There are several specialties in the game:
1. Color changer. When gem goes through it, the color of that particular gem is changed.
2. Electro freezer. When bacteria goes through it, it is frozen and cannot be connected. To unfreeze it push bacteria back towards the freezer.
3. Medicine. Medicine can be connected with gem of any color. It also splash other bacteria within the radius of explosion wave.
4. Bubbles. Bacterium in the bubble cannot be connected. To free bacteria from the bubble just simply tap on it.

Enjoy the game!
Applava Team

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