little mermaid makeover

little mermaid makeover
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Little mermaid makeover is a cool game for girls who love everything about mermaids. There are a lot off stories about mermaids they are legendary aquatic creatures with the upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. Known for their stunning beauty and beautiful voice, mermaids are creatures that appear in many folklore cultures worldwide. But they really got famous after the box office cartoon based on the story of Hans Christan Andersen’s the well know fairy tale “the little Mermaid”

This mermaid dressup game is also based on that little mermaid story. When our little mermaid princess turns 15 years she is permitted to swim to the surface to watch the world above before her, her five mermaid princess sisters already visited the upper world. And told her stories about a stunning world. So she really wants to put on here most beautiful mermaid outfit and make up before going to watch the upper world. You need to help her out with this, to give her a proper mermaid make over you got different kind of dressup game categories at your disposal.

Five mermaid princess makeover game categories are ready to use in the makeover part of the mermaid dressup/makeover game.
★ Hairstyles – Our mermaid princess got the most stunning hair, try the different hairstyles for her big day.
★Eye Color – After selecting the right hairstyle you can look for the best eye color for our mermaid princess.
★Eye Shadow – Of course this make up is waterproof, so don’t worry about that
★Blush - Even underwater make-up is important the mermaid princesses know everything the little mermaid needs for the big day
★Lipstick – Select a nice color lipstick so our little mermaid looks stunning

The makeover part of the game is only the first step to take before the little mermaid can enjoy her birthday. Finding the right outfit can also be a great challenge for mermaids. Every outfit is ofcourse waterproof. She has five different dressup categories to go through before she can be on her way.

★Mermaid Top – To make the little mermaid look stunning you can choose the most beautiful top for her.
★Mermaid Tail – Our Little mermaid princess has more than one tail style at her disposal have fun
★Earrings of the sea – Of course the daughters of the sea king have many stunning jewels from the sea in their jewel case.
★ Necklaces of the sea – Like the earrings there is also a large amount of necklaces in their jewel case.
★Mermaid princess crown – like every beauty princess these princess also have their own crowns.

This is a Dress up and fun game for kids and girls! Help the princess dress up for today! We hope you will enjoy our new princess dress up game. We think it’s just like dressing up a real mermaid Princess. So make her look like a fashion star!

Preform a mermaid dressup in this fun girl game and you’re done! We hope you will enjoy our girl game, and we hope you give us some love by likening our Facebook page or follow us on twitter.
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