Tooth Fairy Dressup Girl Game

Tooth Fairy Dressup Girl Game
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(280 total ratings on Google Play)


Style the tooth Fairy in this fun and exciting Ultimate Dress up Game! Enter a magical world of the tooth fairies in this beautiful girl makeover game . Give the tooth fairy a makeover that you like, you can make her look like a fairy princess. This is a fairy tale game, so give your fairy the fantasy princess look and enjoy the dress up fun.

5 make up girl game categories with lots of items to choose from!
★ Hairstyles - Awesome styles to make your fairy beautiful - and fairy tale!
★ Contact lenses - Loads to contacts to choose from!
★ Eyeshade – Picking the right eye shadow to turn your fairy into a fairy tale princess.
★ Blush – Blushes is something that a every girl and fairy needs. A great blush can turn your cheeks beautiful the ultimate fairy meets princess look - Palace here we come!
★ Lipstick – Pick a lipstick that gives your fairy the finishing touch.
★ Tanning salon – finally go to the tanning salon for a dreaming tan.

After giving your tooth fairy the right make up its time to dress up your fairy.

The dress up part of the girl game is made up of 7 dress up categories!
★ Dress – A princess dress is needed for the ultimate fairy tale look!
★Earrings – Put some bling in her ears to spice it up!
★Necklaces – Bling, sparkle and glitter is every fairies dream real dress-up fun!
★ Gloves - Calling all princesses, don’t forget your gloves!
★Crowns – For the real royal look you can choose from different royal crown jewels!
★Wings – With the right wing your fairy isn’t going anywhere, so give her some stunning wings so she can take off after her ultimate fairy-tale make over!
★ Magic wand - Not all fairies wear magic wands, Tinkerbell doesn’t have one but the tooth fairy does!
★ Shoes – Giving the finishing touch to you fairy, and your makeover is done!

Choose a background in this fun girl game and you’re done! We hope you will enjoy our girl game, and we hope you give us the love by likening our Facebook page or follow us on twitter.
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Much love ladiesDressUp

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