Dungeons of Evilibrium RPG

Dungeons of Evilibrium RPG
(10.567k total ratings on Google Play)
Zillion Whales / Role playing
Downloads: 100k
(10.567k total ratings on Google Play)


PLAY Dungeons of Evilibrium and see why THOUSANDS of people enjoy this masterpiece game all over the world!

Dungeons of Evilibrium is a card battle RPG with tactical elements of TCG strategies and the dungeon crawling exploration of a board game. Collect and evolve character cards, build and enhance your army deck, beat other players and seize dungeons’ treasures! The whole world’s fate depends upon your choices and skills!

FREE TO PLAY dungeon crawler RPG & CCG in one game
BATTLE in dynamic fights with a tactical phase
COLLECT & CONTROL creatures and demons of six elements
CUSTOMIZE your army deck to gain a strategic edge
JOURNEY through over 100 replayable adventures
MASTER Arenas and ASCEND PvP Leaderboards
OBTAIN rare artifacts and EVOLVE your heroes
GET new characters and dungeons in free updates

• Each Rare (R) or higher rarity card has unique skill! No more recycled abilities!
• Level your cards in battles and improve their stats with Marks
• Stunning hi-res parallax graphics for your viewing pleasure
• Evolve your cards with Artifacts, and not through fusion
• Enhance cards’ abilities with any leftover Artifacts
• Discover the power of Totems!

Dungeons of Evilibrium provides broad opportunities for collecting and tactical planning of a party as well as hero development. You are invited to take part in an epic campaign exploring dangerous dungeons, collecting creature cards, gathering artifacts, and fighting in dynamic battles.

Build and enhance your deck, explore mysterious dungeons, earn powerful treasures, fight the demons of darkness, compete with other adventurers; and always remember – in order to defeat the forces of Evil you have to play by their rules!
Dear players! In case you have encountered any problems, please contact us at support@evil-game.com. This is the only way for us to respond to your problem and solve it! We really want you to enjoy our game!

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