Toddler Game with Toddler Lock

Toddler Game with Toddler Lock
(230 total ratings on Google Play)
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(230 total ratings on Google Play)


FREE Educational application with toddler lock aimed at small children to teach various animals and methods of transport with a real childs voice, sound effects and a quiz! Features a selection of flashcards and a quiz to test the child. The adult can choose whether to show flashcards based on animals or vehicles or a mix of all the flashcards.

Your children are sure to love the cartoon style animals and vehicles and enjoy learning their associated names and noises.

Not an English speaker? Why not use this application to teach your children simple English words. The graphical interface ensures its very easy to use.

*Optional toddler lock (inc home key) which means you can truly leave the phone with your little one knowing no SMS messages or phone calls will be made. (More info below) Works similar to toddler lock.

Using colourful, fun graphics and a real childs voice as well as sound effects children can learn the names of many animals and methods of transport as well as their associated sounds.

The teaching slides are so easy to use, simply tap on the screen to see the next slide and in a childs voice, the spoken word can be heard. Watch out for the character which pops up to indicate there is a sound effect that can be heard. Great as a teaching aid or to simply entertain in those "are we there yet?" moments :) My 2 year old loves this application and the funny characters and noises always make him smile.

* All modes of play are designed to be used either with the parent or to be left with the child. My 2 year old gets on fine with the app on his own, playing the quiz again and again with no parent intervention required.

The quiz feature takes a random selection of 10 questions and tests the child on what they have learnt!

It features questions such as:
* Which picture shows a pig?
* Which animal makes this sound? (With the sound of the animal playing)
* What makes this sound? (With the sound of a vehicle)

Stars are given for each correct answer and the number of times answered incorrectly is recorded so the child can try to improve the times they answer correctly the first time!

We have aimed to create a simple but effective teaching aid that is clear and engages the child and makes learning fun.

The toddler lock is completely optional, either use the app with no toddler lock or turn it on to lock all the keys, including the home button. Upon exiting the application all your settings are fully restored. Simply tap all four corners of the screen to unlock when in toddler lock mode. Due to an android limitation, the app must set itself as a launcher application when in toddler lock mode. You will be required to select the app and tick the box which says ''Use by default for this action.'' Again, this will be reversed when the toddler lock is turned off or when you exit the application. The locking mechanism is fully explained when you turn on the toddler lock and you have the option not to use it.

We hope you enjoy this free application and that you will continue to support our development by downloading other apps from the LocknLearn series. We look forward to receiving your feedback and hope your little ones enjoy the series.

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Any comments or suggestions are greatly received and will enadeavour to provide updates to enhance the app based on these.

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