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Super WiFi Manager
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(2400 total ratings on Google Play)


If you are an active WiFi user, Super WiFi Manager is the perfect tool for you!
The feature rich, FREE app will Find available Connections, Manage & Prioritize your connections, Save your phone''s battery, allow easy access to Hotspots, Logs all your WiFi Data Usage activities, Schedules WiFi Switch on/off timings & so much more!

A One Stop Shop, which brings together multiple features for easy use! The perfect WiFi Manager for your phone!

Why Super WiFi Manager?

Finds, Analyzes, Connects & Prioritizes WiFi connections.
★ Provides Daily Logs for all WiFi data activities.
Schedules the timings to Switch on/off the connections.
Tracks Public & Private IP addresses, DNS, Proxy IP etc.
★ Scans for ''Free WiFi Hotspots'' around you.
Saves battery by managing WiFi connectivity & Auto connect!
★ Monitors the Speed of the WiFi via the most advanced Speed-o-Meter.
Widget allows quick access to main WiFi settings.

It is one of the most comprehensive WiFi application available in the market!

Wondering how exactly Super WiFi works? Checkout our video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SC6QLXf02w

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*New & Improved Features*

1. WiFi Priority: Manages all the available WiFi Connections in the most effective manner. You can choose from two versatile modes -
1. Auto Booster : No more manual fiddling with WiFi - Automatically get connected to the best available network that is in range. It allows you to switch easily between the available connections.
2. Priority Order: The features helps you in easy management of multiple WiFi connections. Connects to the WiFi as per the set priority sequence!

2. Data Usage: Maintains a log of your Daily, Weekly & Monthly Data Usage in both list/graphical format.

3. Check Speed: Equipped with a modern Speed-O-Meter you can easily monitor actual Download, Upload & Ping speed of your WiFi. It also maintains the history of all ''Speed Checks'' in your device.

4. Scheduler: Manage & Schedule the timings to Switch on/off your WiFi connections. Specify timings when you want your WiFi connection to start & stop, which will save your mobile data plan when you could easily use WiFi.

5. Hotspots: It lists all the available Open WiFi connections & allows you to set the priority for auto connect. Also, it finds free WiFi hotspots around you, & automatically connects to them every time you''re nearby.

6. Power Saver: What happens when you leave the WiFi connection area, & forget to turn off the connection? All the juice from the battery is drained! This is where Super WiFi steps in, to save the day! It saves your battery by turning off your WiFi connection & managing Auto-connect in an optimized manner.

7. Track My IP: Easily track your connection''s Public & Private IP addresses, MAC address, DNS-1, DNS-2, Gateway IP, Proxy IP, Proxy Post & Country Code.

8. Radar: The position of the WiFi connection changes as per the signal strength. Use the Radar feature to check the access point (physical location) of your WiFi connection.

9. Widget: Quickly enable/disable your WiFi directly from the Home screen. Also, you can conveniently keep a check on Connected WiFi, Data Usage, IP & Speed of WiFi via Widget!

Download NOW to experience Perfect WiFi Connectivity for your mobile!

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