One Touch

One Touch
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(1800 total ratings on Google Play)


Do you like challenges? Then we challenge you to Draw everything with only "One touch".
This game will baffle your mind, for it is not always so easy to draw a shape without lifting the finger and without retracing the same line.

Play this interesting game of drawing, and show if you really take challenges seriously.
All you need to do is move your finger on the shape shown on your mobile screen. But don''t forget to follow the rules!

6 amazing modes of gameplay!
600 levels to enjoy for hours in run!
✔ Addictive & Mind Baffling Game!
No two shapes are same, each one comes with a unique level of difficulty!

Follow the rules, draw the shapes, have a time of your life!!

● Play six different modes with 600 difficult & addictive levels in the game, but remember each one is as much challenging as the last one.
Move your finger on the shape shown on your mobile screen. You will learn why elders said that one must not drift away from his path :P
● You must not lift your finger. Lifting the finger will end your game. Just keep moving it along the lines.

These are just the basic rules, you will have to follow different set of rules in each game mode.

1. Warm Up - Play 100 different levels in the ''Warm up'' mode. It will be easy just to get you into the groove!
2. Warm Up Timer – It will keep getting interesting with each mode. Rules are same as the previous one, you just need to beat the timer in the ''Warm Up Timer'' mode.
3. Dots to Dots – In this mode you may think it is easier as the shape is already shown. But you''d just be fooling yourself if you thought it was easier! ;)
4. Deadly Dots – Finish the shown shape before the time runs out! So in a way ''Deadly Dots'' is just like ''Dots to Dots'' but DEADLY! You need to finish in time.
5. Double Trouble – Lets get a twist in the game, now you won''t be tracing the shape just once. You will have to trace the Red line twice or your game will be over!
Be clever, some paths are worth walking twice. ;)
6. Time Trouble – We all know time is an enemy! Even in the games that we enjoy so much! Although you need to beat the time once again, but stay assured it''s going to be even more fun than any of the modes above!

You will need to complete the shape while tracing the red line twice, just don''t forget that the time is running out! Be fast or die!

Get down on drawing, but remember it is not so easy to draw in ''One Touch''. It''s addictive, challenging, & very much fun to play this game. It will never get old!

NOTE: You can conveniently clear the levels with the help of In-app purchases of the game that allows you to buy hints & stop timer, ranging from $2.99 -$4.99.

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