Simply Convert Units

Simply Convert Units
(1200 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1200 total ratings on Google Play)


Awesome unit converter for Android without extra baggage, while still being full-featured, simple, fast, easy, and universal. This is perhaps the simplest Android Unit Converter in the market, yet packed with a powerful feature that isn''t seen on any other unit converter on Google Play:

This accurate app allows all conversion measurements to be seen and evaluated at once. Real-time conversions and calculations. No Internet needed for conversions!

There is no pressing on an Enter or Next key. There is no scrolling through long lists trying to find the units. This intuitive app is designed in such a way that speed is your friend here. It has mainly the common units so that the unused excess doesn''t get in the way.

"All the units are just one click away." - No other unit converter can say that!

 - GUARANTEED simplest and quickest interface (if not, let me know)
 - Hide units (and unit categories) that you will never use
 - Sort units by size or by name
 - Great native/pure Android themed app

Version 8.3 Converts:
- Angles (Mil, Degree, Radian, Circle)
- Area (Centimeter², Inch², Feet², Yard², Meter², Square, Perch, Acre, Hectare, Kilometer², Mile²)
- Currency (PRO-ONLY) (34 of the most common monetary units)
- Length (Millimeter, Centimeter, Inch, Decimeter, Feet, Yard, Fathom, Meter, Kilometer, Mile, Nautical Miles)
- Liquids (Drop, Milliliter, Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Fluid Ounce(US/UK), Cup, Pint(US/UK), Quart, Liter, Gallon(US/UK), cubic foot, cubic meter, Olympic pool reference)
- Mileage aka fuel consumption/efficiency (Kilometer/Liter, Mile/Gallon(US), Mile/Gallon(UK), Gallons(US)/Mile, Gallons(UK)/Mile, Liter/100km)
- Power (Erg/hr, joule/hr, ft*lb-force/hr, milliwatt, calorie/hr, btu(IT)/hr, joule/sec, newton*m/s, volt*ampere, watt, kilocalorie/hr, horsepower, kilowatt, megawatt)
- Pressure (Pascal, HectoPascal, Torr, mmHg, inHg, KiloPascal, PSI, Bar, Atm, ftAq)
- Speed (Kph, Feet/Second, Mph, Knot, Meters/Second, Speed of Light, Speed of Sound)
- Temperature (Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin)
- Time (Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year, Decade, Century)
- Weight/Mass (Grain, Gram, Ounce, Pound, Kilogram, Stone, Short Ton(US), Metric Tonne, Long Ton(UK))
- And more! Including Metric Prefixes conversions

Convert your units now with this friendly, easy interface. It''s the best unit converter that just works, no problem.

Check out the ratings and great feedback from other users if you are still undecided.

If you don''t think this app deserves a 5-star rating, then please email me how I can make the app better! I like to help. Also, please give us a +1 above if you found this app useful and easy to use; it helps tremendously.

*** Same creator of Simply Convert Units, now available on Windows Phone and Windows 8! ***

*Pro version now available due to popular demand: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.simplyadvanced.unitconverter.pro

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