EVP Recorder with detector.

EVP Recorder with detector.
(1100 total ratings on Google Play)
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Downloads: 100k
(1100 total ratings on Google Play)


WOW!!! 100,000 + downloads and hit the #140 rank in top free for productivity app
A massive thank you for choosing my app :D

If you are skeptical!!, Check out our feature video, There are the 10 best EVP Captures sent in by our users
If you would like to send in yours for a future video please use the contact developers form and email the attachment to us!!

Please visit our new Facebook page to get the latest information/updates and upcoming features,
Also get the chance to beta test on our latest developments and much more! You can also share your experiences and post your recordings to us for the world to hear!!! Remember to like too :)

NEWS! We are holding a Global event on halloween, Click the link below to be part of this :)

Please Visit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/EVP-Recorder-With-Detector/1453518391595696


EVP Recorder and detector is probably the most creepy app you can have on your device,
We have received over 24,000 emails and feedback with recording snippets of Actual EVP Captured with this app!

Initially this app was built for my own personal use to try and capture noises and creepy stuff that had been happening, on getting good results with it, I released the app on google play little over 6 months ago, and astonishingly has nearly 60,000 downloads,

The application is built with tried and tested real experiences and with so much feedback we even managed to almost perfect a totally new first ever multi sensor detector, The detector in theory detects spirits by detecting changes in the sensory data to a point where it would be abnormal readings,

We believe that spirits interfere with electronics and signals so the detector will pick up on such interference,
of course its still in beta stage so its not entirely reliable but used correctly will help detect paranormal events, This is not a trick fake detector, it really can work and even can assist you by voice navigation, If you keep getting alerts in the same area then if the theory is true you probably detecting a spirit.

EVP Can be captured on any recorder device, just we supply other tools such as auto mode where you can set up a personalised session which automatically talks for you, then closes the session when the timer is up, It also has full manual mode where you can take advantage of the long infinite recorder and white noise generator to enhance the chance of evp capture,

The detector mode also has live EVP Feed so you can listen with headphones whilst detector mode is working, The white noise live feed only works when the recording button is pushed.

Also features a AV monitor to visually see white noise with sensor response, you will see crackles or snowing when interference is present, some report to see figures or faces in the screen too.

We released this app free of charge with no adverts, We rely heavily on feedback so if you enjoy using it please rate and leave a comment, or alternatively use the contact developer button we respond daily to comments and emails,

Kind regards AppyDroid.

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