Arçelik Akıllı Kumanda

Arçelik Akıllı Kumanda
(1200 total ratings on Google Play)
Arcelik A.Ş. / Tools
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(1200 total ratings on Google Play)


Arçelik Akıllı Kumanda application allows you to control your Arçelik Inter@ctive TV by using your Android Phone.

The only requirement is that your Android Phone/Tablet is connected to the same Access point as your TV. Akıllı Kumanda app identifies your TV automatically and then you can control your TV in a comfortable way with it.


- Connect your Arçelik Inter@ctive TV to your network access point.
- Connect your Android Phone to the same access point.
- Start "Arçelik Akıllı Kumanda" application and push to "Add New Device" button. If your Android Phone cannot identify your Inter@ctive TV automatically, push "Add Manual" button to connect your TV manually by entering TV''s IP-Address.
- Push to added Arçelik TV image to connect.


The application offers different screen functions: Remote, Keyboard, Smart Guide and Schedule list.

- Remote: Full functionality is provided as with the supplied/corresponding remote control of your Arçelik Inter@ctive TV.
- Keyboard: Allows to use Android keyboard for Inter@ctive TV applications in order to enter letters if keyboard entry required.
- Smart Guide: Allows to navigate inside of TV channel list, search for programs or events and set reminder/recorder for any event without changing channel while watching TV.
- Schedule List: Allows to see all available reminder and recorded events you set before and all are listed in one screen.

* Features may vary depend on your product.

This app is compatible with Arçelik Inter@ctive TVs.Please check "Supported Models" on Settings screen in your app.

To check the software version of your TV:

1. Open the TV menu
2. Go to “Settings”
3. Scroll down to the last point to check the "Software Version"
* Inter@ctive TVs V1.00 should be equipped with TPGRMR.-.-.-.V03.000.00 software version or higher to run with this app.
* Inter@ctive 2.0 TVs V2.00 should be equipped with J5GRMR.-.-.-.V01.021.00 software version or higher to run with this app.

If the software version is not suitable to use Arçelik Akıllı Kumanda app, please go to "Check for Online Updates" and download the latest software. This may take some minutes (depending on your internet bandwidth), please do not switch off your TV set during this time.

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