Lexathon® word jumble

Lexathon® word jumble
(7900 total ratings on Google Play)
Xandar Mob / Puzzle
Downloads: 500k
(7900 total ratings on Google Play)


FUN, CHALLENGING, and EASY TO PLAY, Lexathon is the ultra-addictive 9 letter word game for you! From a jumble of 9 letters, discover as many words as possible of 4 or more letters that contain the central letter. Test your lexical skills; there is always a 9 letter word to find amongst the scrambled letters. Be quick and cunning; every word you find gets you more time and increases your score!

Previously known as "Jumblee Words", it has now been rebranded as "Lexathon".

The faster you react and the more words you find from the English dictionary, the higher your score! Lexathon is translated in 19 different languages, so post your scores to Facebook, throw down the linguistic gauntlet and challenge your friends to beat your top scores.

Shake your phone to scramble the letters to discover as many words as possible. Don’t waste any time! Once you’ve found as many words as you can, click the ‘Give up’ button to maximise your score and see all the words you missed.

*With more than 100,000 word puzzles to solve, you could play Lexathon once a day and still have a fresh word game to play for the next 275 years!*

So if you''re into addictive puzzle games or anagrams, like word jumbles, want improve your English vocabulary and spelling or enhance your Boggle and Scrabble skills, then this is the game for you!

If you like playing games such as DroidWords, Lexic, Boggle, Syrious Scramble, Target, Wixel, Word Frenzy, Word Game, Word Mix, Word Scrambler, Wordfeud, Wordoid, Wordplay, "Words With Friends", WordUp/WordzUp then you''ve come to the right place!

Very active developer, so if you encounter *any* problems please contact me first and I''ll do my best to help.

★ Race against the clock in timed mode, or go at your own pace with untimed mode
★ Look up definitions in a user modifiable dictionary
★ Word definitions - courtesy of Wordnik
★ Global leader boards - courtesy of Scoreloop
★ Post scores to Facebook
★ You decide how long a game should last
★ Shake to shuffle letters
★ Google TV ready
★ App2SD
★ Ad supported or in-app pro version
★ Game has been professionally translated to the following languages: German, Italian and Russian

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