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Flash Grabber & Viewer
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(380 total ratings on Google Play)


NOTE BEFORE INSTALLING: You need to have a powerful enough phone to run Adobe Flash, if you want to download and execute flash games and flash content.

ATTENTION: First install Adobe Flash. You may not find Adobe Flash Player on Google Play because adobe decided to ditch the whole flash thing back in october 2012, so you may have to google about it and find an alternative source for Adobe flash player apk.

Now for the story about this App:

I developed this little utility for myself. As a friend suggested to me, it might prove useful for you too:

Flash Grabber & Viewer allows you to download flash files (games, presentations, tutorials, etc. in ".swf" flash format) from any webpage over the internet and store it locally for your untethered flash viewing and playing pleasure.

The whole process is streamlined and automated, and -hopefully- bug free, although be warned: this is the first version :)

Usage example:

PROBLEM: You like to play a flash game but you hate to navigate with your Android into it''s website and then wait for the flash game to download each time you want to play.

SOLUTION: You feed the game''s URL (whatever you type in your browser to start the game) and FLASH Grabber & Viewer will try to download and place it in your device. From now on, you will have all your flash games and flash applications available to play with the flash viewer component of this application, even without internet access.


The Flash Grabber component will check for internet access before trying to grab a flash file and if there is no Internet, it will warn you and ask you to activate your network access.

When analyzing a web URL in search of flash files, the Flash Grabber component might find just one flash file and thus automatically download it and return you into the main flash viewer files list (with the just downloaded file added to it).

If the analyzed webpage mentions inside its code more than one flash file, then Flash Grabber will list you all those found flash files and let you select which one should it download.

Flash Grabber & Viewer will let you edit the local filename of any flash you have stored locally: You only need to long-click over it in the main flash files list to open the Flash properties window.

Flash Grabber & Viewer will also let you erase any or all flash files.

You may start the Flash Viewer component by clicking on any flash name available in the main flash list.

The Flash Grabber component will detect whenever the running flash file attempts to redirect your interfase into an external website, and ask you if you want to allow or deny such action.

Please leave a nice review and / or score, if you find this application useful.

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