Virus Seeker Mobile Security

Virus Seeker Mobile Security
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(940 total ratings on Google Play)


VirusSeeker is a comprehensive free Mobile Security solution for smartphones which consists of antivirus and antitheft features. It''s antivirus feature helps protecting your mobile and its data from latest malware, spyware and viruses thus keeping it safe and secure. It''s antitheft feature helps you to locate and lock your mobile when it is lost or stolen. This mobile security solution has one of the fastest antivirus scanners, which is capable of scanning your mobile in less than 20 seconds.

1. Real Time Scanning:
• Ensures your mobile is secure at all times.
• Scans an application as soon as it is installed on your mobile, irrespective of the way it is installed via either bluetooth, internet, e-mail, data cable or google play.

2. Antivirus:
• Enables you to scan your entire mobile or any selected application within seconds.
• Uses one of the fastest antivirus scanners, thus saving you precious time.
• It also allows you to schedule a scan to run once a day at a specific time.
• Has an update feature which ensures the mobile database is kept up to date.

3. App Checker (NEW!)
• It makes you aware of all those application installed on your mobile, that are capable of performing certain operations that can misuse or cause damage to your mobile and the data on it.
• It tells you how each application can and may misuse the data of your mobile or be cause harm to it.
• It helps you identify potentially malicious applications.
• It also provides a feature to mark a well-known application as trusted, thus not displaying it on further runs of App Checker.
• This helps keeping the mobile safe and secure.

4. Anti-Theft
• It helps you locate and lock your mobile when it is lost or stolen.
• It enables you to remotely turn ON the mobile’s GPS and have the device send its location as well as the “APPROXIMATE ADDRESS” of where the mobile is, thus making it very easy for you to find you’re mobile.
• It also enables you to remotely lock the mobile, so that no one can access any data or use the mobile. This keeps your data completely safe and secure.

5. SIM-Card Change Notification
• In the case your mobile is stolen, and the thief changes the SIM Card, the mobile immediately notifies you of the SIM Card’s new number.

6. Dashboard
• Has a very user friendly dashboard which tells you about the security status of the mobile.
• It tells you whether the Database is up to date or not, whether scanning is being regularly performed and whether the antitheft details are filled or not. It also tells you whether the mobile is completely secure or not.

7. Statistics
• Tells you the current statistics about your mobile such as the number of files scanned till date, the number of viruses detected, the date the antivirus was last run on, the date App Checker was last run on and the date update was last run on.

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