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Pişti Online
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How to play?
Rules are quite easy. Pisti is played with a pile of 52 cards. Cards are played to a central stack, which can be captured by matching the previous card played or playing a jack.
The dealer deals the top four cards face up to the centre of the table, and then a packet of four cards to each player, beginning to dealer''s next and ending with the dealer. The player to dealer''s next begins, and the turn to play passes to the dealer. A turn consists of playing one card from your hand face up on top of the discard pile. If rank of the played card matches the rank of the previous card on the pile, the player captures the whole pile. Playing a jack also captures the whole pile, no matter what card is on top of it. The next player will then start a new stack by playing a card face up to the empty table. If there is just one card on the table and the next player captures it by playing a matching card (not a jack), the capturing team scores a 10 point bonus for a pisti.
When everyone has played their last four cards, any cards remaining in the discard pile are given to the last player that made a capture. After there is no more cards in the pile, scores of players are calculated from the cards they have captured.

How the points calculated:
Each jack 1 point
Each ace 1 point
Club 2 2 points
Diamond 10 3 points
Capturing the most number of cards 3 points
Each pishti 10 points

If you have a good memory and follow the played cards attentively your high score will be guaranteed on this game.
Good Luck,

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