Bluekara Sing & Record Karaoke

Bluekara Sing & Record Karaoke
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(520 total ratings on Google Play)


It''s not necessary to download Video from Youtube, you can always sing Youtube online karaoke with pitch-shift, vocal removal, music Equalizer, and recorder functions of Bluekara. Also you can add a new search of singer Name and modify the keyword to form your own database for Youtube karaoke searching . Please go to http://bluekara.blogspot.tw for more info. Any feedback, please go to about page of Bluekara to send us email.
We provide 7 day free trial for the following full features.

1. Support versatile formats of Karaoke

Bluekara can play Youtube and your own karaoke / MP3 songs, including MP3/WMA + lyrics LRC/ MTV/ MP4/ AVI/ H264/ all Youtube Video formats.
Bluekara provide database for famous singers from 43 countries (over 10,000 singers).
You can also change and save the keywords and add singers names as you want to form your own database for Youtube karaoke searching.

2. Recording, mixing and producing discography

BlueKara can use internal or external MIC to record your own CD, and mix with reverb effects.
You can adjust the sync delay or volume between music and vocal to produce your own discography CD. You can also remove right channel vocal when mixing.
You can play your own discography with MV /Youtube Video or your own photo to form your discography MV.

3. Real-time remove lead vocals

BlueKara introduced 3 different methods to eliminate lead vocals in real time. Let you sing and record your personal CD with more fun.

a). For KTV songs with right channel lead vocals. Please choose vocal remove and right channel vocal.
b).For Karaoke songs of USA, Japan and Southeast Asia, music is recorded only, there are no lead vocals. Please don’t choose vocal removal effect.
c). The MV/MP3 songs don’t process lead vocal specifically, but put lead vocal in center of both audio channels. Please choose vocal removal, but don’t choose right channel vocal (The removal effect will depend on song).

Bluekara provide lead vocal position adjustment function to eliminate lead vocal with more flexibility.

4. Real-time music pitch shifting

BlueKara provides 12-scales pitch-shift function to adjust the key of music in real-time. You can real-time pitch-shift, vocal remove, and record your own CD simultaneously.

5. Microphone to Speaker w/o latency

BlueKara can use headset, or 3.5mm audio adapter cable to connect external speaker and microphone, let you hear your own voice mixed with music from speaker/ headphone w/o latency.
The microphone to speaker w/o latency feature is hardware dependent for Tablet, and the Tablet must get root privilege. Hence there are only Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Acer A510 supported now.

We provide Login Google +1 Bluekara to get 7 day free trial. Also inside Google App billing, for monthly subscription, we provide another 7 day free trial. (If you are not satisfied within 7 day, you can cancel the subscription without charge).

Welcome to enjoy this powerful Bluekara Youtube Sing & Record Karaoke APP.

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