BuddyCon 3.0

BuddyCon 3.0
(6100 total ratings on Google Play)
WePLLI / Entertainment
Downloads: 1.0M
(6100 total ratings on Google Play)


★★★★Buddycon 3.0 is updated!★★★★★

★ 3.0 Update Information ★
- Freely making characters! (but the number of charaters in backgound limit)
- Give and Take moving letter “Acticon” and Carrots ! (Must link friend’s Nickname in slot)
- Play more mini game than twice before !
- Can take Carrots used free rewards !
- Boast and share your pictures in Community
- More added various contents!
- You can use Buddycon without appying in background

★ update guide ★
The user who have used Buddycon login used existing ID after Update in GooglePlay
and Click “Appying” button.
All Purchased Items and Costumes are preserved

◆ Happen to Error ◆
Please, send our Email through directy help@weplli.com or contact menu In Buddycon3.0 -> Community -> Q/A
You can check purchased list after login used Google account at CHECKOUT.GOOGLE.COM

◆ Note for Galaxy user ◆
In the case Galaxy user, More need the time for Applying in background.
this time, If U click “Appying” button again, it make error about separation of Character’s head and body. Please , wait for second for applying
(If U have trouble, then In Buddycon, Click button in Mainmenu – Settings – Etc - Refresh

▲You give you 50 Carrots by a week. If Your picture used Buddycon for Boasting is selected in Community
▲You can earn 5000 stars in a day

Here comes an app for your Android devices that ensures there’s never a dull messaging moment! With BuddyCon, users can create hilarious avatars, and laugh-out-loud animated versions, of their best friends and favorite contacts. Users can pick the clothes an avatar will wear, create a customized call-screen background, and even put their created avatars in the middle of fun games that are just a part of the fun messaging environment created by BuddyCon.
With BuddyCon for Android, you can:

-Create hilarious avatars of your friends and contacts

-Choose an Avatar from Gallery and set colorful fittings.

-Move/Fix the Avatars around your screen

-Customize backgrounds and themes for your avatars

-Get in touch faster with contacts by double-clicking an avatar (quicker even than speed dial!)

-Provide older friends and loved ones (or those with limitations) a way to call without having to dial a number

-Play different funny games with the Avatars and have some fun-filled moments.

With BuddyCon, the process of placing or receiving a call, and sending or getting a text, never has to be dull, boring, brainless and restrictive. Heck, it’s not 1950 anymore, with rotating dial phones that make you sit there, empty-headed, while spinning the dial. It’s a bold, new world of mobile applications, and BuddyCon for Android (2.2 and higher) ensures that there never has to be a dull moment – even if you’re simply placing a call!

You can find the order number at http://checkout.google.com''
The example of the order number : 12999763169054705758.1367086064449500
If you''re not able to find your purchase history at ''http://checkout.google.com'', the purchase was failed.

After we confirm your purchase history, we can register your device manually.


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