Sending Fake SMS

Sending Fake SMS
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(540 total ratings on Google Play)


Ideal for validating small unimportant lies in situations where you are in a tight skirt, or you want an excuse to leave work early or lie to the woman to go drinking.

Imagine that you are in a boring situation, and what you want out of it often lacks only an excuse or an alibi, lacked good now no more missing, with this app you can pretend that getting a message you can program your phone to the same touch and see the message that you want to use as an excuse.

With this app you can send a message to your phone and the sender of the message appears to be another person, or as someone else had sent him a message, the message appears in the same way, until the phone rings and vibrates as if you were getting a real message.

This application does not use the cellular network and therefore do not spend credit, you can take the test even without the sim card or when you are without credit.

In Message you can appear as the person who is sending or receiving the message it has situcoes you will need to mention that you have already sent a message to that person, after all who does not need to speak a little lie from time to time?

Among other functions you can send a message with the date in the past or in the future as well as the time too, and can set the time at which the message is playing, to play in the event in front of the person you want to lie a little.


Q: Because this application requests access to the internet?
A: This application requests access to the internet to show ads is how to generate the same revenue.

Q: With this application I can send fake messages to other phones?
A: Unfortunately there is no way to send a message to another mobile phone fake, because the operator makes the validation of who is sending the message,
this application only sends a message to the fake smartphone where it installed.

Q: Can I send a message to my phone with the date in the past? That is I send a message and appear with yesterday''s date?
A: Yes, you can send a message backward, just select the field "date" a date on the day that you want, there will appear on your
phone as if I was being sent to that moment.

Q: How do I faso message to appear as a message has been read?
A: Very simple you just open the message and it will appear as read message.

Q: Can I select the time that the message will be sent?
A: Yes the field "in Fake" you can select the time that the phone will ring with the message.

Q: Can I set up for the phone does not ring or vibrate when you receive the message?
A: Yes in the message registration screen has a button "Setup" settings where you can set these options.

Q: fake sms appears in the notification area of ​​the android?
A: Yes appears in the notification area of ​​the original message as an android.

Q: In the android has a screen where you can view an entire conversation history with that person Issuer or the sender of the message, I do
that with this application?
A: Yes you can in the edit screen of the message in the "I am" score "Receiver" to mark if you had to get the message or
"Issuer" as if you''ve been up sending the message to the person without actually being.

Q: Is there a charge for "shipping" or receiving the message?
A: No because the message is not sent by the network or the operator more so the application manually inserts the message in your inbox or
output of your application, very important if you plan to show the message at a specified time not to uninstall or disable
application before receiving the message.

P: It is very good to stay with the icon of the "Fake SMS Sender" on mobile after sending a message, how can I solve this?
A: Unfortunately we can not put a "disfarse" in the application to avoid being recognized the same functionality, however exitem applications
Play Store that do, you can download one and use it to hide the real function of this application....

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