Antitheft Droid SMS - Security

Antitheft Droid SMS - Security
(13.23k total ratings on Google Play)
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(13.23k total ratings on Google Play)


The Best Free Anti-Theft Protection available in the Android market . Developed to solve your problem if your Android device is stolen , is lost , or even want to locate it for some reason .


• Uninstalling the application is made within the same through the Uninstall option ;
• Do not perform the data cleansing App , because it will block functions as SHOW and return the settings , thus making it impossible unhide the app again and access the settings ;


• Control the actions of antitheft Droid via text messages ( SMS ) ;
• Returns the location based on the NET ( Approximate ) and GPS ( Exact ) ;
• Automatically activates the GPS if it is turned off at the time of the request the location of the device ( if your device has this feature ) ;
• Automatically activates WIFI NETWORK , if it is turned off at the time of the request the location of the device ;
• Does not affect battery life ;
• Your phone can be visualized on a map through the location address that is returned when requested its location;
• Fire alarm audible antitheft device even if the device is in silent mode ;
• Need a password to disable the audible alarm ;
• Tracking is performed only when requested .
• Identifies the exchange of Chip phone , returning phone''s location at the time of exchange ( along with the phone number ) , addition of new information Chip ( Operator , IMEI , phone number ( if supported by the new chip ) ) ;
• Returns action information remotely executed ;
• Easy to set up ;
• Allows hide / hide the theft from the list of Droid applications ;
• The theft Droid works even without internet connection ;
• Text messages sent and received for the antitheft Droid will not be listed in the Messages application on android ;
• The location can be made ​​from any phone ( the phone does not need to be android because to locate just send an SMS with the keyword set) ;
• Support interface in Portuguese PT- BR ;
• Available on Application Help ;
• Password to access the App ;
• Lock uninstall ( The same can only be made inside the application) ;
• Return on the settings remotely ;


• When you upgrade the application antitheft it will again be shown in the list of Android apps , so you can see and configure the new features if they are available ;
• Do not leave the application on the desktop of Android , because it will not only concealed blocked its implementation;
• The App does not work with the device switched off or out the battery , however turning it on again , and this time was made a location request , the antitheft droid return location ;
• Make sure your questions can be resolved by the application''s Help option , many questions can be taken for this option ;

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