Zombie Slayer

Zombie Slayer
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Mgaia Studio / Arcade
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(3300 total ratings on Google Play)


What would be the best way to escape if a zombie apocalypse happened? Flying with jetpacks, of course! After all, zombies cannot fly!

It seemed the perfect escape until a smart zombie created a jetpack made ​​of mint candy and soda. Now the zombies can fly and are chasing the humans! Dead end!

Hopefully, rumours say that YOU are the messiah from the legendary prophecy, sent to help mankind survive and kill every rotten undead that dare rise from its grave!

> ANNIHILATE infected humans and demented zombies
> SLICE the enemy horde with the mighty sword
> EXPLODE missiles before they hit the humans
> UNLEASH THE POWER of the mysterious Pandora’s Boxes
> DETONATE dynamites and cannonballs against the undead horde
> STRENGTHEN your power to help you against the risen dead
> TEST YOUR SKILLS on the dreadful hard and survival modes
> CHALLENGE your friends and find out who''s the real human savior, the messiah!
> COMPLETE more than 25 challenging missions

You are mankind''s survival last hope!
What are you waiting for? Let''s SLAY some zombies!


Excerpt from “Tsunami of the Dead – The Final Frontier”, diary pages written by an unknown survivor of the zombie world war:

“… It was late at night. I was at my office, reading some war novel which name I can’t even remember by now… something about a gunship launching a massive assault against a small village. Barely did I know that my own small farm house was about to suffer an invasion I’d never be able to take out of my now completely disturbed mind.

Feeling sleepy, I got up from my old reading chair and took a look through the window, far away at the silent highway where no car could be usually seen during the night… but not on that day: there seemed to be some strange movement happening on the road. Suddenly, an ominous evil feeling almost stopped my heart as I saw what was coming from the highway directly towards the frontier of my farm: an undead!

Feeling adrenaline rush to my brain, my first reaction was to dash to my car and grab my pet hammer, known as the skull smasher. I had to kill that monster! It was me vs a powerful diabolic creature, so I’d have to be an ace killer. I tightly tied my left lucky boot, kissed my wife’s photo, and ran towards the highway, ready to accept my fate…”


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