Age of Medieval Empires - Orcs

Age of Medieval Empires - Orcs
(3600 total ratings on Google Play)
Thetis Games / Action, Arcade
Downloads: 100k
(3600 total ratings on Google Play)


★★AMAZING GRAPHICS & INDIE GAME developed for Google Play Store!★★
★★If you like strategy games, definitely you must play this game! - game developer team.★★
It`s released for your Android the best TD game ever! Finally a tower defense game based on orcs, elf and heroes, with graphics so good, that you think that you`re playing this game on your computer!

We based our game on RPG and Strategy games, with you and your tower evolving during game play, also, this game was developed by a Indie Game Studio! So, fun is the principal matter for us! And of course, the strategy during gameplay.

- "This lands were once a beautiful place, full of life and happiness, but one man changed everything.. "The armies of Elensar", like they like to call, are a trained army of orcs and beasts, furious about destroying every living thing in their path!

For years they have been living near the volcano, but now they are coming for us!"

Help us to defend our homes! With turrets of elfs, archers, wizards and heroes! The best strategy allied with a good set of towers can help us to survive! We need you now!

+ 9 Enemy units,
- Light Height Orc (fast and easy to kill)
- Goblins (fast and very easy to kill)
- Armored Orc (difficult to kill, because of his iron armor)
- Goblins class 2 (fast, armored with shield and pikes)
- Warrior Orc, (slow, hard to kill because of his armor)
- Troll (shield and heavily equiped)
- 3 Orcs from the Horde of Elensar (red blooded and furious!)

+ 10 TD maps
+ 3 Different World,
- Maglog (Full of life and green, Rivers and Trees)
- Calaglin (Desert, Storms and Canyons)
- Elensar (Volcanos, Fire and Lava)
+ 6 towers, with archers, elfs and wizards
+ highly advanced graphics
+ A lot of strategy game features.

Please, don`t forget to review the game for us! It will help this indie game team to improve the game for you!

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