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Brilliant Dictionary – one of the most popular electronic-pocket english-russian and russian-english translators in Russia is now available as an application for your mobile phone.
The application comes with the unique functionality of searching for a word as you hear it (e.g. enter «ПИПЛ» - and get «PEOPLE»), a huge database (over one million words), search for phrases and common expressions using a keywords, accurate translation, modern English, and a comfortable ergonomic interface. All these features are contained in the mobile application – Brilliant Dictionary.
The Brilliant Dictionary has a number of distinguishing features when compared with similar applications:

1. The unique possibility of searching for words as you hear them.
To find a word for translation it is enough to know how it sounds. Just switch into «phonetic search» mode, and find English words by searching by keying in how they sound phonetically using Russian letters.

2. We have no mistakes – only accurate translations. You will find no differences when comparing the translations provided by Brilliant Dictionary with those found in modern English-English dictionaries.

3. Translation without the need to be connected to the Internet.
The Brilliant Dictionary application works offline, which allows you to use it whenever/wherever you are without additional cost to you.

4. A large database of phrases which can be conveniently retrieved.
Particular attention was given to including popular idioms and examples from spoken English. The dictionary contains more than 50 000 examples of word usage and idiomatic expressions. This allows you to learn not just the meaning of the word, but to also see how it is used in common expressions, and word combinations; in everyday life, and professional lexicon of native speakers. The available functionality of locating a phrases using a couple of key words substantially improves the accessibility of this function.

5. Modern English.
The dictionary database is constantly being updated, and consequently contains words and translations which reflect modern usage of words.

6. Wide functionality.
The identification of all grammatical forms of English words; toggle for viewing the transcription, orthographic variants, grammatical forms, indication of part of speech of the word and accent. Contains all available forms of verbs. Translation from any form of a word.

7. Change the appearance of the application; dark, or light themes available. Change the size of the font.

8. Option to create a personalised list of chosen words.

9. Keeps a history of the last 100 words searched for and their translation.

• dictionary : English-Russian/Russian-English;
• number of words: more than 1000000;
• number of phrases: more than 50000;
• phonetic search;
• search for phrases and expressions using two or more words;
• enter English words in any grammatical form;
• indication of part of speech;
• indication of accented syllables in pronunciation;
• choice of theme colors: dark/light;
• search history;
• personalised word list;

Brilliant Dictionary will become your indispensable assistant in your study of the English language!

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