Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator
(1500 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1500 total ratings on Google Play)


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Mobile Number Locator app provides free Caller ID, caller location information and mobile number locator service. You can search for a phone number and the app will tell you the location and name (where available) for that phone number.

The app also provides spam reports during incoming calls from unknown numbers that could be used to block calls. This helps to identify the name and location of the unknown mobile number calling you, this becomes important especially when you are in meetings or in middle of important discussions. Number Locator is a very light app that does not need too much of space / memory to run and just pops up in case there is an unknown mobile number in communication.

Caller ID service would provide name and location information during an incoming call or an outgoing call to an unknown number. It tells you who the true caller is during incoming call or outgoing call.

Don''t miss out on any call from unknown caller who can be prospective valentine or friend this Valentine''s day. Use the non-intrusive 100kb app which tells caller ID and gives spoof alerts / spam alerts.Guards you against any prank calls.

Caller Location is available at top right corner on the Caller ID Screen. Also, you may search for more numbers by launching Mobile Number Locator app and putting in any phone number in the search box.

This app works great across all countries especially INDIA, INDONESIA, USA, UK, SAUDI ARABIA, BRAZIL, IRAQ and others.

Number Locator app doesn''t need internet (works offline) for showing caller location and name of telecom operator in India. Would need WiFi or 3G to report true caller name or spam information. In India, the name of caller will appear in Hindi if the Android OS is set to Hindi.

Caller Location would also work in offline mode in India; i.e. no internet connection is required to get location of the unknown caller during incoming call or when making an outgoing call to unknown number.

This app is based on community / social sharing or crowdsourcing principles. To activate the app you may have to share your public contacts which is otherwise totally FREE application.

Know who''s calling you when you get call from an unknown number; this app helps you stay connected with prospective friends/acquaintance. You now have the power to pick up the unknown call you wish.

Note -> This app does not take user''s address book contacts.

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