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(6800 total ratings on Google Play)


Pacer now can use the hardware step-sensor for minimal battery consumption for those using Nexus 5 and other latest devices.

Get Active, lose weight, lower your blood pressure, live longer, feel better. Download Pacer pedometer for free, and enjoy the easiest-to-use, most beautifully designed health and fitness application for Android. Pacer pedometer comes complete with the following:
-Comprehensive and accurate activity tracking (steps, calories and active time)
-Weight management tool
-The best-designed personal health data analysis tools you can find on any mobile phone

Ideal for anyone seeking to lead a healthier, more active life: from those of us looking to lose weight or manage a chronic problem (hypertension/diabetes), to those who just need to get up and move a little more

Why Pacer Pedometer?
-Feel better and have a more active life by increasing your daily activity level
-Walk or run off body fat and track your weight loss progress in app
-Lower your blood pressure with regular daily activity
-Join the new Quantified Self movement, and learn fun and useful insights about your weight, habits and their effects on your health right from your phone
-Pacer pedometer is on your phone, so no need for expensive devices or add-ons, and no more nightmares of accidentally sending your brand new, high-tech pedometer through the wash or having it slip off somewhere on the way to work
-Your health data is ready for analysis in real-time, on your device, with no need for logging into a clunky website, and no problems syncing data with other devices

Key Features:
-The easiest to use pedometer
-Accurate activity tracking in your hand, in your pocket, in your jacket, on an armband or in your purse
-Weight and blood pressure tracking features, so you can see your most important health vitals in a single location, with a simple, clear dashboard and trend analytics
-Beautiful trend displays for your steps, weight and blood pressure data

Pacer is designed to help you easily and clearly keep track of three of the most important health metrics for leading a long, healthy life: daily activity, body weight, and blood pressure. Pacer helps you track your measures against the standards provided by health scientists from the World Health Organization, American Heart Association and President’s Fitness Council.

Other apps can track your moves, walks, runs and workout sessions, but truly no other app can give you this level of comprehensive activity tracking and insight all on your mobile phone and with this kind of great interface. So before you go out and spend your money on an expensive device, try Pacer first!

And remember, stay active!

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