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Outdoor Atlas
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(450 total ratings on Google Play)


Outdoor Atlas is thought to be the companion for all your outdoor activities. It supports you offroad where classical street maps and navigation are of no help.

With the built-in GPS, Outdoor Atlas always shows you your actual position on detailed topographic maps together with appropriate coordinates. The maps are downloaded once on request and stored locally to be used when no GSM connection is available. Currently, following maps are provided:

✔ OpenStreetMap
✔ OpenCycleMap

Additional professional maps can be bought as In-App products. Currently available:

✔ Switzerland (swisstopo maps, official topographic maps of Switzerland incl. hiking trails, SwitzerlandMobility data)
✔ Germany (Alpstein, incl. hiking and biking trails, available in app-internal shop)
✔ Switzerland (Alpstein, incl. hiking and biking trails, available in app-internal shop)
✔ Austria (Alpstein, incl. hiking and biking trails, available in app-internal shop)
✔ France (IGN maps, France mainland and oversea territories, available in app-internal shop)
✔ Britain (Ordnance Survey maps)
✔ Northeast Italy (Alpstein, incl. hiking and biking trails, available in app-internal shop)
✔ Mallorca (Alpstein, available in app-internal shop)
✔ North America Maps (myTopo maps, installable as plugin)
✔ New Zealand (NZTopoMaps, installable as plugin)
✔ Spain (IDEE maps, installable as plugin)
✔ Norway (Statens kartverk, installable as plugin)
✔ Finland (installable as plugin)

...further maps to be announced.

Application features:
✔ Supports internal and external (Bluetooth) GPS devices
✔ Supports built-in digital compass, respects declination
✔ Import / export tracks, waypoints in GPX or XOL format into internal database
✔ Built-in track editor, fully routing-capable
✔ Support WGS84, UTM, OSGrid, TM35FIN and LV03 coordinates
✔ Download map tiles once and use them offline
✔ Moving-Map mode (keep your position always centered on the screen)
✔ Search geolocations by names and address
✔ Retrieve geoinformation for position
✔ Use favorites to quickly jumpt to specific map, position, scale & layer
✔ TrackLog recording in background
✔ Follow-route mode (useful when visibility is bad)
✔ Goto-Waypoint mode (useful for geo-caching to find exact location)
✔ Infopanel shows you up-to-date information about position, tracklog and waypoint parameters
✔ Browse through the tour database with over 30''000 suggestions for outdoor adventures(hiking, cycling, mountain biking, inline skating, mountaineering, jogging etc.) in the Alps incl. tracks and desciptions.
✔ Browse tour reports from hikr.org
✔ In-App Shop to buy professional maps and app extensions (plugins)
✔ Synchronize your local track data with your favorite web portal, currently supported are SchweizMobil and outdooractive

Additional functionality can be added to Outdoor Atlas via its plugin-mechanism. Following plugins are currently available in the app''s internal shop:

✔ Weather data CH (online weather data of Switzerland)
✔ Skiroutes CH (offline database of ski- and snowshoeroutes of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC))
✔ Wildlife protection Area CH (offline database with all protection areas in Switzerland)
✔ Swiss Public Transport Stations (Stations and timetable of Switzerland''s public transport network)
✔ SwissNames (toponymy database containing all names from the Swiss topographic maps).

This is a free app, but has ads on the map display. If you like to use an ad-free version, then buy the a PRO-licence in the app''s internal shop. It will also activate valuable additional features.

Please help to improve the product and report any problems to outdoor.atlas@corridor5.ch.

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