AI CHANG Love to sing

AI CHANG Love to sing
(960 total ratings on Google Play)
北京众智创世科技有限公司 / Music
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(960 total ratings on Google Play)


Love to sing - Live KTV, K song necessary, sing together!
You love to sing it, you are Master K song, still use Baidu video search songs, with QQ music, music, cool dog music humming?
Want to use your beauty camera, with your Meitu Xiu Xiu photos made unique song cover?
PPS, PPTV, act art, music video, pop video, Sohu Video, Baidu video, such as audio and video broadcast only Baidu of God drama theme song accompaniment, love to sing the first time will give you. Let you within 365 calendar days, each new singing without stopping.
Tips: (sing love support download songs. You can make exclusive ring, ring a lot of Oh, can also upload to youtube, potatoes, let more people to hear your song, sing songs in love can fast forward fast oh. )
Baby, love to sing, sing, a song for a second let you change the China sound good, you are a singer!!
Love to sing at the same time support to share micro-blog Sina, Tencent micro-blog, QQ, QQ space and Micro message, a variety of ways to share your friends live music scene!!
Enough cool music sing -- real-time online karaoke function new in love, and friends online singing; real-time remixes shocking experience with your professional studio feeling.
Add powder interaction, family activities, and the handsome boys and pretty girls chorus and more theme package 5S soil Hockin, minipad2... Waiting for you.
"With love to sing"
Love to sing the latest official micro-blog attention please love singing.
Sina micro-blog: @愛唱官方
Tencent micro-blog: @愛唱_全世界都在唱
The micro signal: aichangapp
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