History Clear Privacy Clean

History Clear Privacy Clean
(1900 total ratings on Google Play)
Leonidas Gao / Tools
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(1900 total ratings on Google Play)


Browser history , search history may reveal use our cell phones use whereabouts , search keywords may be used other programs , programs or games will occupy the phone''s cache space . If you are worried about these issues, then this application can help you eliminate these troubles.
This is a simple , convenient and compact handset cleanup tool just like an eraser to clean the records in our cellphones.
It can clean your browser history, search history , call history and cache .
Many users praise and give us some good suggestions five stars . Thank you very much .
We can set the time the notification bar appears , the default is to reach 10M cache when reminded . We can also set to display a notification or never been displayed .
Application feature list :
★ clear the system browser history , protect privacy
★ clear application cache , freeing space on your phone , speeding up the phone run faster
★ Clear Data clipboard
★ clear missed calls
★ Clear incoming calls
★ Clear outgoing call records
★ Clear Google App Store Google play search history
★ Clear Google Mail Gmail Search History
★ Clear search history of Google Maps Google Map
★ clean up the Google search Google search history
★ Clear YouTube search history
★ Clear Chorme browser history
★ Clear download history
About cache: After exiting some applications will generate cache files , taking up space on your phone , cause the phone to slow down , clear the cache file is not used , you can restore the phone space and improve the phone run faster .

Additional application cache cleanup functions when the phone is running many applications, the cache will occupy a certain phone memory space, you can delete the program exits after these caches, freeing space for the phone, let the phone run faster.
Added status bar to remind cache size, when the cache reaches the set value, we can promptly remove it.
Thank you for your continued support of our cleanup tool.

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