Ghost In My Room - Horror

Ghost In My Room - Horror
(390 total ratings on Google Play)
AbsoLogix - 3D Games Studio / Action, Arcade
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(390 total ratings on Google Play)


The presence of supernatural is every where: in my room, in your room, outside, & every where. So be brave, detect Ghost in your room now by a GHOST scanner and hunt them.

The radar on the screen would detect paranormal activities and detect every GHOST IN THE ROOM, no matter if they are currently visible or not. Ghosts are very tricky and would be very fast o change their positions. You need to be fast and turn your mobile in 360 degree.

To detect ghost you have to move around in the room physically; the ghost scanner will alarm you if it sense presence of GHOST nearby you just Hold the phone and look for the ghost which was detected till it comes in front of you. Once the ghost is in the center of the screen, press the fire button to burn the ghost.

You will have limited time as the ghost will approach you step by step and harm you.

Hunt as many ghosts you want; challenge your friends to take the scanner and detect the paranormal activities and hunt the GHOST IN MY ROOM.

Highlighted Features:
- An adventures application
- Requires physical movement
- To detect GHOST IN MY ROOM !!!
- Analyze presence of supernatural around you
- Get directions
- Challenge your friends to hunt down the ghosts
- Scary ghost sounds
- Makes your Place Haunted

Warning: This App contains scare and horrifying images of ghost that may be disturbing to some users. Also horror sounds may cause some users to get scared. Do not play at night as you might find it hard to sleep after playing.

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