Baby Lullaby Songs to Sleep

Baby Lullaby Songs to Sleep
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Lullabies for Babies & Kids / Music
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(800 total ratings on Google Play)


Download ''Baby Lullaby Songs to Sleep'' and you''ll have the best combination of bedtime songs to help you put your baby to sleep. You can use this sleeping music for various purposes – play the wonderful baby rhymes to provide your infant with sound sleep or listen to the soothing lullabies yourself to help you calm down and relax. This free app will provide you with beautiful music for children and ideal songs for toddlers to sleep like angels. Download this free baby app today and you''ll be amazed by the effects it produces on your child''s sleeping habits! It is a perfect combination of good night songs and the sounds babies like.

♪ Songs for kids on your mobile phone!
♪ Perfect sound to sleep to!
♪ Set time interval or let it sing constantly until your children fall asleep!
♪ These beautiful baby lullabies will help your child sleep like an angel!
♪ ''How do I get a baby to sleep'' is a question that will never pop in your mind again!
♪ These cute nursery songs are followed by beautiful backgrounds!

You''re rocking, walking, or nursing your baby and its eyelids droop as it begins to nod off in your arms. Its eyes close completely, but the eyelids continue to flutter and its breathing is still irregular. Just as you bend over to deposit your sleeping baby in the crib so you can creep quietly away, the infant awakens and cries. Babies need to be parented, not just put to bed. If you''re tired of many sleepless nights and you''ve tried everything to lull you kid but in vain, “baby rhymes” are the perfect solution for you. Try playing ''Baby Lullaby Songs to Sleep'' on your mobile phone at bedtime and watch your children slowly doze off. This soothing music will do you good as well, and you won''t be experiencing any trouble sleeping peacefully again. Your little boys and girls will adore these beautiful relaxing sounds.

Newborns don''t know the difference between day and night yet — and their tiny stomachs don''t hold enough breast milk or formula to keep them satisfied for very long. They need food every few hours, no matter what time of day or night it is. If you want your child to have a steady sleep, then these “nursery songs” are a must for your Android™ phone. Download this super cool music app and get the collection of lullaby songs for free! Beautiful relaxation music will make both you and your little one very happy. Therefore, don''t hesitate-get these amazing calming sounds now!

Solve all of your worries with sleep sound app for your mobile phone! Get this set of beautiful classic lullabies and help your newborn get enough rest. These free songs are applicable to infants and toddlers of all ages. ''Baby Lullaby Songs to Sleep'' is a sleep music app including a variety of beautiful soothing children songs for bedtime. Combine these baby sleeping songs with some white noise or nature sounds and you''ll be surprised by the effects they will produce on your kids.
Legal info:
This is a free application. Songs are originally designated to lull a child and they are believed to be in a public domain. If you are an author of a song or you are aware that copyright belongs to a commercial author, please report to us immediately. Thank you!

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