Tardis Sounds

Tardis Sounds
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(1000 total ratings on Google Play)


This is Tardis Sounds. This is NOT your typical soundboard.. Tardis Sounds, which initially started as a simple sound board, has evolved into a sort of Action / Game Board, allowing you to tour various scenes with actionable buttons, sounds and scenes inspired from the beloved series : Doctor Who.
*Journey in the Time Vortex with the Tardis
*Use a Sonic Screwdriver
*Find custom secrets in the Tardis
*Mix and Match theme music, graphics and even the Doctor''s Wardrobe!
Game is updated frequently, usually but not always on the weekends.
It takes a curious inquisitive mind to discover what secrets lay about in the game and discover the fun!
Lots of fun for ages 1 to 100 (those over 100 please check your ID at the door!)

In App Purchases used for purchasing custom material, items, or Ad Removal Services.

Problems Installing? Please see http://blinkinstudios.com/wp/?page_id=320

IF YOU HAVE A VERSION PRIOR TO OR BEFORE 3.1.1 (current version 3.1.3), AND you have a crashing (Force Close) on startup glitch, you should FULLY REINSTALL it to resolve any loading crash errors. Some users have experienced crashes due to version changes. This *WILL* fix your crash-on-loading errors.

NOTE 2: this game is NOT designed for small, square screens, OR phones/devices WITHOUT GPU''S. (very important).. it IS designed specifically and solely for devices with screens that are widescreen capable. (Otherwise everything gets smushed!) This game has been tested on multiple devices and phones to ensure it''s functionality. If after assistance the game fails on your device or phone, please check for a system update for your device. Phones known to NOT work are put onto an exclusion list.

NOTE 3 It is currently NOT possible to save sounds as RINGTONES or ALERTS in the TRADITIONAL sense, but it IS a feature now enabled via a workaround. Eventually it WILL be a feature to become available in the engine I use to create this app. COMPLAINERS will be exterminated/deleted! ;) * I recommend using Ringdroid to set saved sounds.
If you need help or are lost in the game, please visit www.blinkinstudios.com/wp updates and news is regularly updated at that site. And buy the Tardis Sounds Guide!
Haptic feedback integrated with Immersion Tactile Effects
Tardis Sounds. This started as a simple Doctor Who sound board I created using the new Gamemaker Studio suite, to see how the program works converting PC code to Android code, with various sound, timeline, and other techniques; This "application" is evolving into something a little bit more, even including an actual GAME. Download, use and enjoy, and watch Doctor Who and buy products that the BBC makes, including the DVD''s and Bluray!
Some permissions are engine updates from Gamemaker Studio that I have little to no control over. Yoyogames (creators of Gamemaker Studio) makes the engine I use, and is designed for cross platform development including but not limited to apps for IoS, Mac, html5, Android, Tizen, Ouya, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Facebook.
*** Blinkin Studios does NOT collect, and is not interested, in your personal information other than what is normally used for regular purchases. Blinkin Studios does not sell, give, forward, loan or recommend your information to anyone!! ***


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Fair Use: I believe I have complied with this application complying with Fair Use, in that it is instructional, takes samples but not whole copies of data, and also does not accept, take or charge money for the use of the app itself, or change Doctor Who''s value. I am an avid Doctor Who fan, and will immediately comply with any reasonable request. Doctor Who and all related sounds and pictures are copyright the BBC.

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