The Best Weed Smoker

The Best Weed Smoker
(1900 total ratings on Google Play)
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(1900 total ratings on Google Play)


Great at parties!

Smoke from 8 different pipes and bongs, earn weed coins for taking the biggest hits you can and unlock new items as you earn more coins. All items can be unlocked without any purchases! This app is FREE.

Watch as your toke meter rises and your lungs fill with smoke, just make sure you exhale before you cough it all out! Do you want to get high on your phone? Wanna show off the most dope weed smoker on the market today?

★ ★ Chronic Features ★ ★

❱ Realistic inhaling and exhaling using your microphone.
❱ Full scoring system for each toke / hoot.
❱ Perfect inhale & exhale bonuses, as well as smoke ring bonuses.
❱ Earn coins for taking hoots to unlock more items. (ALL items can be unlocked without paying!)
❱ Choose from 8 different pipes & bongs with more coming in future updates.

★ ★ How to Play ★ ★

❱ Step 1 - Drag the weed to the bowl until it gently "snaps" into place.
❱ Step 2 - Light the lighter and move the flame over the weed until the weed starts smoking.
❱ Step 3 - Gently inhale through your microphone to start smoking (most microphones are a little pinhole at the bottom of your phone)
❱ Step 4 - The Toke Meter will start rising, exhale before it gets to the top of the screen (exhale gently for smoke rings!)
❱ Step 5 - Earn weed coins based on how good you smoked that marijuana.
❱ Step 6 - Show off your weed smoking to your friends who can''t get it because they have an iPhone!

★ ★ Free Support ★ ★

If you have an issue, please let us know! We are here to help 24/7 and want to make sure everyone can enjoy our applications to the fullest.

You can reach us via email or by visiting http://claybombapps.com/tbws/ (a full FAQ is available at our website)

★ ★ Feature Requests ★ ★

Have an idea for a cool feature? Let us know! We want to live up to the name of "The Best Weed Smoker" and we firmly believe we can only do that by listening to our users, so if you have an idea please let us know and we''ll add it to the list!

❱ Known Issues:

Some microphones are more or less sensitive then others. Experiment with the amount of blowing/sucking sound you make when inhaling exhaling until you find the best combination for your microphone.

So what are you waiting for, grab it and smoke some ganja with your friends, it''s always 420 somewhere. See if you can beat the HIGH score and be "The Best Weed Smoker."

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