Brain Memory Game - Animals

Brain Memory Game - Animals
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(290 total ratings on Google Play)


Boost your brain power with this amazing app for memory improvement! Help your kids enhance their concentration and cognitive skills by matching cards with animal pictures! Download Brain Memory Game – Animals and have a lot of fun!

Flip the cards and match the pictures!
From easy to hard difficulty levels!
Choose from 3x2, 4x3, 6x4, 7x4 and 8x4 tables!
Single player and multiplayer mode!

Brain Memory Game – Animals contains matching cards with pictures of cute animals. The objective of the game is to match the identical cards as fast as you can. Let''s see how good your short-term memory is and if you can match the cards properly. Hurry up because the clock is ticking!

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Your kids will have numerous benefits from this learning game. It will provide them with a chance to exercise their brains and make their memory sharper. Moreover, it will enhance their ability to focus and concentrate for a longer period of time. While you''re busy with everyday stuff, your kids will be occupied and entertained at the same time.

Brain teasers, memory games, and matching games improve cognition and thinking and also keep the mind young and fresh. They are suitable for toddlers, kindergarteners, and school children. However, they can help the adults test their memory and relax the busy mind. Brain games and memory tests can also enhance your learning abilities and problem solving skills.

Brain Memory Game – Animals is one of these educational games that you quickly get hooked on since it is highly amusing. The design used in this game is both simple and stylish with bright colors that suit the eye of a child as well as the adult. The simple tap controls are self-explanatory and easy to use. Moreover, there are the pictures of animals that are so cute that you won''t be able to put a smile off your face!

Play this great logic game and take a memory test, you''ll see that you memorize things more easily! Spend some quality time with family, enter the multiplayer mode and see who can match the most pairs of animals! Grab this amazing matching game, install it on your phone, and let the competition begin! We guarantee you a nice memory boost and a lot of incredible fun!

You have a bad memory? This excellent memory trainer will give you an excellent brain training activity. Since memory affects all other intellectual processes, it is essential to keep our minds active and occupied with memory-enhancing games. The good news is that memory is the easiest mental process to train, so go ahead and don''t waste your time!

Matching games, learning games, and other educational apps for kids and for adults are very ''in'' right now, so if you want to be a parent in vogue, install this superb brain training app on your phone and get your kids to practice their memory now! Download Brain Memory Game – Animals and watch your brain perform miracles. Enjoy!

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