Shoot`Em Down: Shooting game

Shoot`Em Down: Shooting game
(4500 total ratings on Google Play)
Development studio / Action
Downloads: 100k
(4500 total ratings on Google Play)


First person shooter adjusted to the death-match style.
Choose to play for Swat or Terrorists.

- choose your team. terrorists are red, swat are green
- choose map to play and weapon. Warning! you need points for better guns and new maps
- start a game, you have in your team 3 bots. You can not make a friendly fire. It is not possible.
- try to fight face to face with oponnent`s team. There are 4-bots. You can see their positions on the small map on the right.
- cover your body behind obstacles

Navigation icons
.running man - press and hold an icon of running man on the left to run
.rifle - press and hold an icon of rifle on the left to shoot
.left/right arrows - press and hold an icon "<" ">" on the left side to step left/right
.player`s point of view - control it by swipe on the right side of the screen.
.launcher/rifle - tap an icon to switch primary and secondary weapon
.grenade - tap an icon to throw a grenade you will get a grenade for 3 kills in row
.mortar support - tap an icon to call mortar support. Map will blick on the right. Choose the position by the tap. You will get a mortar support for 7 kills in row.
. clip/number - actual status of the clip. Tap an icon to reload it.

Guns and weapons
.you will start with 2 maps, second 2 are unlocked by points
.you will start with M16, next 7 are unlocked by points
.guns have different properties such as efficient distance, clip, accuracy, cadence

Goal of the game
-you need 35 kills of opponents for your team to win. Every kill is 1 point.
-when you want to be the best in the game, you need to have a higher score. Every hit of opponent has special points.
Table of players is on the right. Players are ordered by the score.

The game helps to improve your eye-hand coordination, reflexes and reaction time.

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