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Point Shootout
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Time to training! Your coach wants to see how talented you are. You need to make three-point shot to impress him! Show your talent and be prepared to be applauded. Use your touch screen to shoot. Enjoy!

It’s a Click to position the player, click and hold to start aiming, and release when the aim is right. The direction and strength of wind is shown on the board. Watch it and plan your shot accordingly.

which you will become an excellent basketball player to pitch three pointers in a basketball court. The time limit is 60 seconds. Try to get scores as more as you can. There will be a cursor in the basket. According to the move of this cursor, you can master some rules to pitch the ball in exact time and exact position. When you get a three pointer, spectators and fans will stand up to applaud your performance. You will have chances to pitch the ball in different angles of the basket. In each angle, you will be given 5 balls to play. This basketball court is designed to be so vivid so that you feel like being in a real basketball show. There are 9 big lights in the ceiling to ensure the brightness. So everything is so real. Do it now

“3 Point Shootout,” a fast-paced basketball game to see who can drain the most 3''s in 60 seconds.

click to pull ball from the rack. Hold your click and release when the meter passes between the two arrows. Repeat quickly in order to shoot as many basketballs as possible

which you shoot the 3 point shots to score. In a big basketball museum, basketball fans are waiting for a wonderful 3 point shots show, and some of them are too excited to stop making kinds of sounds like cheers and yells. This is where you will start your shooting journey. Standing on one side of the three point line, you have 5 rounds of set shots with 5 shots in each round. After you finish one round at one set point, you will change the position to go on with the 3 point shots. However, if you do the job too slowly, maybe you cannot complete the 25 shots within the prescriptive one minute. click could help you shoot. When you succeed in making it, the audience around will cheer for you. Lots of media are present too, so it is indeed a great chance to experience the feeling of NBA super stars on basketball ground. Hurry up to pick the basketball up at once and show the audience what the sport is!

3-Point Shootout is a great way to play arcade-style basketball without stepping away from your desk. How many hoops can you make before the time runs out? You won''t know until you try! Even better, this free online basketball game requires no downloading, and you can start playing in a matter of seconds!

Great Day Games'' 3-Point Shootout game is a great way to play arcade-style basketball without stepping away from your desk. How many hoops can you make before the time runs out? Can you get on the leader board? You won''t know until you try!

Despite that 3 Point Shootout Game Prove your shooting skills by getting as many points as possible within the time limit, you can find new playable games every day.
Shoot as many 3 pointer basketball shots as possible within the given time.

You are selected to a world class team. Everybody think, you are the best sportsman in this world. You have to hit as many goals as you can! Step up to the three-point line and take your best shot as the
One of the famous events in NBA basketball is the three point shoot out in the All Star competition. In this game you need to shoot from the three point line and score as many points as you can to pass the levels and make it to the final game. You can’t move the player, you just need to stop the cursors in the middle of the cross and score. As you go on the higher levels the cursors move faster so you need to be focused.. Good luck and try to be the MVP of the All Star game for this year!
crowd goes wild. Have fun and good luck! .

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