Door Screen Locker

Door Screen Locker
(560 total ratings on Google Play)
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(560 total ratings on Google Play)


This screen locker is an open-the-door to unlock screen locker. Locked with battery percentage, date and time, this free app shows us a shortcut of calling for free.

This free app Door Screen Locker is a functional locker and unique unlocker here.

**Functional locker**

*no troublesome to unlock the screen to check out date and time again and again. From what day is it today to exact date and time, they are accessible for us.

*no worry to miss important calls or messages because of a sudden of power-off. There is a battery percentage here to remind us of charging in time.

*a shortcut for calling and contacts. Unlock the screen only for calling someone? This shortcut may help you out of a lot of troublesome.

**unique unlocker

Tired of Android traditional slide-to-unlock screen locker? This free app Door Screen Locker supports to pull down the door handles to open the door and unlock the screen.

**How to use this screen locker Door Screen Locker? **

1. Pull down the right door handle and you will open the door with realistic sound and vibration.

2. 2. Pill down the left door handle and we can get access to contacts as we wish.

**About settings**

*Sound or vibration relies on us to choose open or not according to our situations.

*just open screen lock, this Door Screen Locker will work for us, if sometimes you don¡¯t need this locker, just turn off the screen lock anytime and anywhere.

*support button here is waiting for your 5 stars and email of your problems. Share with your friends if you like this app.

Try out this open-the-door screen locker and set your own settings as you wish. In this way you can use your finger to unlock the screen and get contacts easily.

When open, doors may admit people, animals, ventilation, and light. The door can be used to control the physical atmosphere within a space by enclosing the air drafts, so that interiors may be more effectively heated or cooled. Doors are also significant in preventing the spread of fire. They act as a barrier to noise. Many doors might be equipped with locking mechanisms to allow entrance to certain people and keep out others. Doors could be used to screen areas of a building for aesthetics, keeping formal and utility areas separate. Doors also have an aesthetic role in creating an impression of what lies beyond.

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