Educational Puzzles - Letters

Educational Puzzles - Letters
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Looking for a fun learning game for kids that will keep them quiet for hours and will help them learn letters in an interesting and amusing way? If yes, Educational Puzzles – Letters free is something you must get! A perfect preschool jigsaw puzzle that your children will simply adore and that will help them learn the alphabet in no time!

– Choose from five different pictures to solve;
– Just drag and drop the piece into the marked area;
– Use help if you want to see the whole picture (but 5 times at most);
– Solve all jigsaw puzzles and get cup rewards for each;
– A fun educational game for preschool kids!

Jigsaw puzzles are one of those games that can be entertaining for both adults and children. They have an exceptional educational value. They always make a wonderful gift and are very beneficial in keeping the mind active. Basic puzzles with less pieces can serve the purpose of an early toy for babies, while the more complex ones with hundreds, even thousands of pieces are more suited for adults as a hobby. These games have numerous physical and mental benefits. ''Educational Puzzles – Letters'' is a fun and free “learning game for kids” with pictures of letters that have to be solved. It''s perfect for preschoolers or many children of kindergarten age that all enjoy collecting the puzzle pieces into place.

Doing jigsaw puzzles develops several functions of the brain simultaneously as a child has fun and also learns. Most notably developed in this learning process are the abilities to reason, deduce, analyze, sequence, and develop logical thought and problem solving skills. Physically, eye-hand coordination and spatial awareness are also required to complete a jigsaw puzzle.

The “jigsaw puzzles” are fun for children and they also help in boosting and developing certain skills which will be more and more important and useful as children proceed towards later life. Even the simplest puzzles with answers benefit the development of reasoning and the type of skills required for the solving of various problems. They are important in developing fine motor skills required for picking the right pieces and slotting them into their place without breaking up the rest of the complete puzzle. These actions can be complex at the beginning, but a child will slowly learn and develop these skills gradually.

A jigsaw puzzle that depicts the letters of the alphabet will be fun to complete but will also provide a child with the ability to learn the letters and improve their knowledge. Self esteem in a child will increase by solving different games. Gradually choosing more challenging games will provide certain skills and teach the children how to solve problems by using various different approaches. Therefore, do not hesitate, download ''Educational Puzzles – Letters'' free for your mobile phone and be sure your children will never get bored with it.

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