WODBook - Your WOD Tracker

WODBook - Your WOD Tracker
(2700 total ratings on Google Play)
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(2700 total ratings on Google Play)


WODBook is the best application you can get to keep track of your daily workouts.
We took the task of logging your workouts and created an insanely beautiful experience, making it the best Fitness Application in the Android Market.

Keep track of your daily WODs and share them! Track your favorites and check your benchmark WODs progress.
Track your Personal Records and get your training scales and progress history.

WODBook includes daily feeds from some of the most famous boxes.

More than 100 benchmark WODs are included ( the girls, heroes, travel WODs, Ope WODs ). If your benchmark WOD is not there, just save it and start tracking your benchmark progress!

Upgrade to PRO and enjoy WODBook at its best, including:

- theWOD Machine:

This is the ultimate workout generator tool! This is not a random WOD generator or a WODs database, this is a smart and dynamic system which will learn from your logs and RMs to generate WODs specially for you!
Fully customizable, scalable and with a deck of cards mode included, theWOD Machine is the most complete and powerful workout generator tool available in the market!
If you are traveling, or can not make it to your Box, or just for the fun, theWOD Machine is for you!

- the WhiteBoard:

Real time social whiteboard, compare your results with people from your Box.
Ever wanted to know how your friends have performed in the WOD of the day? Well, the Whiteboard is for you!!

- Access to the Tabata Timer.

- Log unlimited WODs per day:

Get WODBook and start tracking your workouts today!

Full list of features:

- TheWOD Machine - Smart WOD generator and Deck of cards.
- the Whiteboard - Realtime social whiteboard.
- Get WOD feeds from several selected boxes.
- Enter your own Box Feed URL.
- Track your daily WODs by adding them to your WOD Calendar.
- Enter results and notes for your tracked WODs.
- Keep track of your favorite WODs.
- Keep track of your benchmark WODs.
- Track your Paleo challenges progress.
- Manage your personal records.
- User Profile - Total finished WODs, Favorite WODs, Benchmark WODs, Finished Paleo Challenges.
- Automatic sharing to Facebook of your WOD results, Paleo challenges, and Records.
- Get scales of your personal records.
- Visualize your personal records progress history.
- Get more than 100 benchmark WODs ( Girls, Heroes, Travel WODs ).
- View Videos of some of the best benchmark WODs.
- Add your own benchmark WODs.
- Backup your Data in your SD Card or sync with a Dropbox account.
- Track and visualize each of your benchmark WODs history.
- Training Timers are included ( StopWatchTimer, Amrap Timer, Tabata timer ).
- Customize your Tabata training setting exercise interval, rest interval and number of rounds.

Note: WODBook is not authorized or endorsed by CrossFit Inc.

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