Hangman – Word Guessing Game

Hangman – Word Guessing Game
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(8700 total ratings on Google Play)


Are you ready for a real guessing adventure? Remember your childhood years, have a lot of fun, and revise your old vocabulary! Download ◆ Hangman – Word Guessing Game ◆ and save the poor stickman from being hanged!

◆ A variety of word categories!
◆ More than ten levels per category!
◆ Earn coins for each level!
◆ Hints and cheats to help you out!
◆ New stages and levels added weekly!

◆ Hangman – Word Guessing Game ◆ contains categories of words suitable for kids and adults. There are fictional characters, popular brands, objects and items. Moreover, you can guess the names of singers, movies, actors and actresses. Therefore, don''t hesitate! Download this excellent educational game, enrich your general knowledge, and revise your playing skills. The fun starts now!

How to play:
You are shown a set of blank dashes equivalent to the number of letters in the word. You pick the letters and immediately see if they are contained in the word. If you pick a wrong letter, elements of a hangman''s gallows start to appear. As the game progresses, a segment of the gallows and of a victim is added for every wrong letter not in the word. So, make sure that your man doesn''t get hung!

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Guess the word game only for you! Suggesting letters in order to save the stick figure can be really thrilling and thought-provoking! Moreover, there is a chance for you to earn coins by using scrambled letters to guess the word. If you get a sufficient number of coins, you get a chance to use hints/cheats in order to reveal letters or skip levels! Revise your vocabulary and enhance your general knowledge with this amazing trivia game!

Free word games, memorization games, learning games, and matching games are so ''in'' right now that you have to possess one on your fabulous Android device! This mind game is suitable for kindergarteners, preschoolers, and elementary school children. For all fans of classic word games, crosswords, or puzzles here comes a new challenge that offers instant fun and a chance to test your cognitive skills! If you like to guess the words, go ahead!

Guessing words has never been this fun! If you like playing word find games and world education games such as Scrabble or crosswords, you should definitely try ◆ Hangman – Word Guessing Game ◆ ! If you like testing your brain capabilities and playing school games which activate your logic and reasoning, this ''guess the word'' app is the right choice for you!

Classic guess the word game is here for you! You can choose among numerous fun categories: guessing the names of celebrities, countries, brands, characters, as well as everyday objects and difficult English vocabulary items. Amazing colorful graphics and interesting sound effects that this puzzle game offers will make you feel young at heart again. Don''t let the poor stickman die - keep guessing words and strive for the highest score.

Test your vocabulary and your skills of remembrance with this amazing word game! With ◆ Hangman – Word Guessing Game ◆ you will also learn some new vocabulary you didn''t know before. This highly addictive brain teaser with a broad range of categories will keep you amused for hours!

If you like mind games and learning games such as crossword puzzles, scrabble, word search, sudoku, riddles, brainteasers and jigsaws, you will surely enjoy this game!

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