HiWay - Quickest way to goal

HiWay - Quickest way to goal
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(110 total ratings on Google Play)


HiWay the national highway is an application for users.

HiWay avoiding the pathfinders features the fastest way to get stuck in the time to inform the way to arrive at their destination according to traffic conditions, "Real-Time Arrival Time ''shows.
Get directions to any location features (for example, Incheon International Airport, Gwangalli Beach, etc.) will find the path to the destination highway.

Drag the map with just a simple action such as clicking and can be used easily and intuitively.

What is the passage to a destination charge? HiWay tells a highway toll.

View real-time traffic information HiWay features easy to understand at a glance on the map to display the blocked part. Read no more difficult to traffic information do not get stressed.

Search for a place in HiWay want to go, or if you select all the photos on the site can be found. (Seutabeokseugwanganrijeom even!) This photo HiWay knocked into my device to download and view it again later Send to a friend, or you may upload to SNS.

From the menu ''local weather'' features on the map where you turn I see is displayed as an icon of the weather. I''m going to weather, including pre-chaenggigeona, or passing on the path to identify the local weather and can assist in safe driving.

Or someone tell me how I want to show the traffic information of a particular area if it is not easy HiWay ''Send'' feature from the use. I know the path or location to someone else or you can send traffic with a map.

HiWay constantly downloading through the Internet instead of the built-in map using the map at any time, without so boring and frustrating load times can find the information you want right away.

By identifying the user''s taste and restaurants to recommend, including, accommodation, booking, and also own HiWay showing discounted items and coupon feature will be updated.

Holidays or weekends, and should rejoice in the clogging ways, more frustrating journey Maps app now if I''m exhausted HiWay Use.

Key Features
* Avoid clogging the fastest way to find the highway route
* The estimated time of arrival to your destination and real-time traffic conditions, panoramic
* To the destination toll highway
* Look for all the pictures of the place you want to go, download, and the ability to share
* You can see the map on local weather features
* Path and a map to someone else that can be sent to the Send To feature the cacao Flick
* Built-in continuously without the need to download the map
* My favorite place, the path stored in the Favorites feature that can be viewed at any time
* Want to go places and rental car accommodations, tours and reservations (tentative)
* Useful information about the find, including the ability to (tentative)

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