Kids Matching Game – Baloons

Kids Matching Game – Baloons
(770 total ratings on Google Play)
Puzzles and MachUp Games / Puzzle
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(770 total ratings on Google Play)


Boost your memorization skills with this awesome mind game for kids and adults! Match the balloons of the same color as fast as you can and compete with your friends for the highest score! Download ♦ Kids Matching Game – Baloons ♦ and have a lot of fun!

How to play:
Flip the pictures of colorful balloons.
Match the balloons of the same color.
Difficulty levels: from easy to hard.
Single player & multiplayer mode.
Table sizes: 3x2, 4x3, 6x4, 7x4, and 8x4.

Who needs a mind trainer when you can train your concentration and focus in our new brain gym? ♦ Kids Matching Game – Baloons ♦ will provide you with an awesome cognition test and it will also improve your reasoning and perception skills. Pictures of air balloons will keep the kids entertained and occupied, and it will bring the adults back to their childhood years.

Educational games for toddlers, kindergarteners, and preschoolers are extremely popular among all generations. Parents use these brain training apps not only to educate their kids, but also to test their own memorization skills. So, if you''d like to improve your attention and focus, start matching the pictures of colorful balloons. And remember, you should be really quick because the clock is ticking!

♦ Kids Matching Game – Baloons ♦ can become your personal brain coach! Test your problem solving skills like a pro with this excellent brain game for all generations. Since logic games make it easy for everyone to improve their short-term remembrance capacities and speech recognition skills, they are very beneficial for child development. However, these matching games can also help the adults practice their perception while flipping the colorful cards.

For kids and for adults! Popular brain teasers, concentration games, and problem solving apps are very ''in'' right now, and that is another reason why you should have them on your Android device. Science has proven that solving crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, and other matching games activate parts of the brain that are responsible for concentration and attention. In that manner, learning and reasoning are also being enhanced.

Solving puzzles and crosswords also helps keeping the brain fresh and young! That is why this mind game can be played by adults and elders to help them increase their capacity of recollection! Get this great puzzler and exercise your brain every day! Brain teasers are great too, but ♦ Kids Matching Game – Baloons ♦ is a better way to improve thinking because you get to match the same colored balloons and it''s more fun and easier for younger kids!

If you''re looking for an excellent pairs game which will improve your brain power and reaction speed, download ♦ Kids Matching Game – Baloons ♦ and start playing now! This brain trainer app will increase your reaction speed and also boost your concentration skills. Puzzle games, matching games, and other educational games are really worth playing. Install this app for learning on your phone and see it for yourself!

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