MatchUp Fruits Memory Game

MatchUp Fruits Memory Game
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(170 total ratings on Google Play)


Fruit mania is here! Match up colorful fruits, improve your memory and at the same time have a lot of fun! If you''re looking for educational games for kids and for adults, MatchUp Fruits Memory Game is a perfect choice! Download now!

♥ Flip the cards and match the pictures!
♥ From easy to hard difficulty levels!
♥ Choose from 3x2, 4x3, 6x4, 7x4, and 8x4 tables!
♥ Single player and multiplayer mode!

Play MatchUp Fruits Memory Game and match the pictures as fast as you can! If you like to play education games, learning games, and other puzzle apps, you''re at the right place. This awesome memory app will help you improve your concentration, focus, and reasoning. Don''t hesitate, go ahead and try it out!

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For kids and for adults, for toddlers and for seniors! Enjoy the fruity match up that this awesome mind game offers! Children of all ages can play this brain training game with ease and fun! It is suitable for preschoolers, elementary students, and for adults. It is even appropriate for seniors since it can help them retrieve their memorizing skills and problem solving abilities.

This matching game will amuse children, but at the same time it will help them exercise cognitive skills! It''s also great for adults and elders because matching the cards keeps the mind sharp! Download this learning game now and improve your memory and thinking!

Let''s see who has the fastest memory! Organize tournaments for children and their friends, activate the multi-player mode and see who''ll win! Let them challenge each other, a little bit of competition will make it more interesting, and entertainment is guaranteed!

Memory games for kids are the best way to help your children develop their thinking and logic skills! Not only will they have so much fun playing this matching game, but also they''ll benefit a lot from it! Matching cute juicy fruit cards will keep their attention, while pairing them will exercise their memorizing skills at the same time!

Brainteasers and mind games are the perfect way to increase memory and keep the mind fresh and young! If you love to play puzzles and logic games, MatchUp Fruits Memory Game is an ideal pastime for you! Flip the cards and let the fun start!

Memory is one of the most important intellectual skills, and it has to be worked on constantly. Solving puzzles and crosswords can help maintaining your mind sharp, but this kind of matching games with cards is the best way to exercise your thinking! Have a bad memory? Just get this free app and have a youthful brain!

With the help of this matching game, kids have the chance to see all kinds of fruits, find out what they look like and learn their names! Apples and oranges, lemons and all sorts of wild fruits, drawn in such a cute way will make playing this free game so interesting for children! They''ll have fun, and they won''t even notice that they''re learning and exercising their brains at the same time!

Download MatchUp Fruits Memory Game, a fun fruit game with cards for kids and for adults, and improve your kids'' memory and thinking! You can also play it and have fun, it will give you a nice brain training, too.

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